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Going to Market

Small Business Money Mistakes: Are you at risk?

Lori Aveni, CPA will lead a fast-paced session reviewing the most common mistakes she sees from her small business clients. Topics will include a discussion of deductible business expenses, tax filing errors, and sound business bookkeeping practices to protect your finances and help you avoid paying too much in taxes. The session will conclude with an “Ask the Accountant” Q&A session.

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Authenticity in Branding: Bringing your Business to Life

Visualize Your Future with a Vision Board

How often do you take 15 minutes to focus on what you want for your future? As busy women, we are constantly distracted by our day to day responsbilities. Join Kristen Bagwell as she walks us through the latest wisdom about the power of the vision board. For example:

“So, what’s the big secret to creating a vision board that works? It’s simple: Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to include the material stuff, too. However, the more your board focuses on how you want to feel, the more it will come to life.” ~ Elizabeth Rider,

During this same session, you will have a chance to bring your vision to life and create your own vision board – there is a method to the madness!

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What a Virtual Assistant wants you to know about social media

Social Media 101:  Let’s Do This…Now!

Are you stalling out when it comes to connecting social media with your business?  Does your head spin when you try to put together a tweet? Sit in on Social Media 101:  Let’s Do This…Now! to hear social media pro Tiffani Campbell explain the basics of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, etc. Tiffani will help us understand which platform(s) to use, what to say, how to avoid “social media burnout”, and how we can keep our platforms alive without being glued to our laptops & devices.

If you are a novice or on the verge of giving up on social media then this is the workshop for you. It’s time to approach your social media like a pro and find success in a strategy that’s right for you and your audience. Let’s do this…NOW!

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What a Virtual Assistant wants you to know about social media

Blog & Brand: Using Content and Branding To Cast A Wider Net

Whether you already have a blog to support your business or are considering starting one, content creation and blog management can feel intimidating. In this session, Raleigh Moms Blog owner Jill Kornegay will cover the basics on creating a content strategy to drive your blog and brand.

First, Jill will review the simple steps to follow when you are ready to start blogging for business. Then, you’ll dive into how to discover your brand identity and stay true to that brand, ultimately reaching a wider audience and developing a supportive content strategy.

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Pricing for Profit

Planning for Success

As a former corporate professional and a current small business owner, Stephanie Llorente knows the importance of a plan. Preparation is vital to your company’s success – and to your professional career. Whether launching a product, balancing work and family, or creating a new marketing campaign, if preparation is done properly, flawless execution and successful results become a byproduct.

This session will showcase why success – or failure – of most business initiatives depends almost entirely on a company’s level of diligent preparation. Join us as we walk through a few real life case studies, talk through useful resources, and interact with Q&A throughout the session.

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Branding is So Much More Than Your Logo

The Feel Good Ask: Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations

Is your nonprofit struggling financially? Do you find yourself saying, “If only we could find a few more donors with deep pockets…” or “We just need a couple more major donations to help us make budget this month”? It’s an understandable sentiment, especially in light of the fact that most of us struggle to ask for financial contributions. It’s not a natural conversation or it feels like begging or complaining. Others might slip naturally into sales mode, but find it isn’t working as well as we had hoped.

Abbi Tenaglia is here to walk us through the “Feel Good Ask” or the transformational approach to fundraising. This approach is a collaborative effort between the giver and the receiver, both having something to give and receive. Abbi’s experience as founder of Transforming Hope Ministries will provide some real-life, practical experience for participants.

Join Abbi for the “Feel Good Ask” breakout session and learn more about:

  • Telling your nonprofit story
  • Identify, find, and retain your champions
  • How to build a model for Champion Discipleship

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