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Going to Market

Relinquish Your Fears and Find Your Tribe

As solo entrepreneurs, many of us have a mental list of concerns – and maybe some fears – that can keep us from succeeding. We question our worth, “How can I be a successful entrepreneur all while trying to be the best mom I can be?”  We question our ability, “I’ll never be good enough.  I can’t do it all.”  How do you find a support system to overcome these fears? Do you have a network you can count on to lift you up and encourage you to do your best?

Local photographer Amber Smith of Amber Foster Smith Photography will share her real-life insights about overcoming negative thought patterns, and will talk us through some tried-and-true methods to find, build, and grow your tribe. This session will provide guidance to help you relinquish your fears and release your limiting thoughts and behaviors. Amber will also share her experience on how to create a support system you can rely upon, that will lift you up and encourage you on your journey as a mompreneur.

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What a Virtual Assistant wants you to know about social media

Attraction Marketing: Standout on Facebook by Being Yourself

As a fitness and nutrition coach, Camy Kennedy continually studies how to best reach her ideal clients. (She’s a pro at creating connections!) In this session Camy will share her tips and tricks about how to talk to clients authentically, as friends, to help grow your business. Camy has a proven method to attract your ideal customer without the fluff & marketing jargon, including:

  • How to reach more of your ideal customer by talking about what you love (on video)
  • Breaking down the barriers of live video: your exact toolkit to becoming more comfortable on video
  • Reaching new trust levels, helping more people, earning more income, by being yourself!
  • How your hobbies, favorite tv shows, and behind-the-scenes look at your life can build interest in your brand

There’s marketing and then there’s attraction marketing – if you want to promote your business authentically, or sell without being salesy, this session is for you.

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Pricing for Profit

Local Media: Connecting, Pitching, and Getting Your Story Out There 

We all know there can be serious benefits from tv, radio and print coverage, but how do you go about getting it? Jennifer Martin of Shop Local Raleigh will take us through her tried and true methods to connect with local media outlets. She’ll give us some tips about crafting and pitching your story, with insight into how the media process works. Jen will also outline potential pitfalls and “things to think about” as you create your local media strategy.

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store or online retailer, you’re sure to benefit from Jen’s local media experience.

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Authenticity in Branding: Bringing your Business to Life

Visualize Your Future with a Vision Board

Last year’s Vision Board session was so much fun that we’re bringing it back! As busy women, we are constantly distracted by our day to day responsibilities. Join Kristen Bagwell as she walks us through the latest wisdom about the power of the vision board. From –

“What’s the point of making a vision board? Simply put, we humans tend to be a very busy species and constantly bombarded by distractions. Creating and using vision boards serves several purposes, some of which include helping you to:

  • Identify your vision and give it clarity.
  • Reinforce your daily affirmations.
  • Keep your attention on your intentions.”

During this session, you will have a chance to bring your vision to life and create your own vision board – there is a method to the madness! If you have a vision board you want to use, bring it! Content/Materials will be provided.

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Branding is So Much More Than Your Logo

Help Yourself to Help Others

Logically, we know that in order to be our best for others, we need to be our best selves. In practice, though, many women just don’t prioritize self-care because there is just too much to get done.
Sarah Schall, a health and wellness coach, will share knowledge, experiences and strategies to guide us through:
  • The benefits of helping yourself first to better help those around you
  • The importance of tending to your heart, mind and body as top priority, then applying that to your business
  • Embracing our many roles: we are more than just a business
  • How to identify your non-negotiable core values for yourself, your family, and your business

You are more than just your business: you are a woman, a friend, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a leader, a caregiver…The world needs you to be awesome and do the awesome things that only you can do. Sarah’s session will help identify what that looks like for you.

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What a Virtual Assistant wants you to know about social media

Social Media: Tap Into Hidden Features to Better Engage Your Audience

Are you ready to learn & leverage those hidden features in your social media platforms to get back to growing your community and connecting with followers?

In this session, Tiffani will walk us through the underutilized tools across Instagram and Facebook, and how to tap into them to better engage our audience and (potentially grow our following!).  She’ll dive into strategies that will keep us from fighting the social media algorithms and allow the algorithm to work for us, step by step.

If you want to stop treating social as another task on our checklist and use it as an opportunity to connect with your community and clients, attend this session at #2017Illuminate.

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