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Inside-Out Strong – Creating Strong and Confident Teen Girls

This is a program developed to guide teen girls to know who they are, strengthen who they are inside and out, so they can serve and lead their generation.

We envision a world where teen girls lead with authenticity and serve in love. We believe they will rise to become confident teen girls who seek transformation on the inside rather than perfection on the outside, Inside-Out Strong Girls is a program to build up the hearts, minds, and bodies of young women. We offer online adventure courses and local workshops for teen girls and the women who lead them.
Many teen girls struggle with confidence and knowing who they are. Our culture likes to tell them they are not enough. We, of course, believe differently. Our mission is to guide them in discovering their identity, establish their core values, and develop their inner and outer strength to unleash the leadership potential within. The world begs desperately for their commitment and talent and we want to provide the guidance they deserve. Inside-Out Strong Girls was created to build up the hearts, minds, and bodies of young people, strengthening them inside and out, so they can become the leaders that this generation needs. We aim to revolutionize their hearts, minds, and bodies so they can revolutionize this culture. We also believe that mothers, teachers, and coaches are a key ingredient in developing strong girls. We link arms with those influencers by offering discussion opportunities throughout and assisting them in raising up strong girls, inside and out.
The half-day workshops attract like-minded mothers who want to get involved in helping young women grow. Rebecca Arsena, a mother of one tween girl, was impacted greatly after attending a workshop. “As a mother who had suffered from an eating disorder in my early teens, I am acutely aware of the importance of raising my daughter to have a strong sense of self,” she said. “I was so grateful to have stumbled across the Inside-Out Strong workshop and was excited to share this with my 11 year old daughter. I feel like the workshop laid the foundation and opened the door for conversations that my daughter and I will have as she enters her teenage years.”
The workshops have three “work-ins” to build up the heart, mind, and body. Mothers and daughters spend time discussing their identity, mindset and body image. Then three workouts are introduced: interval training, yoga, and Zumba.  It’s a transparent environment allowing the mother-daughter relationship to flourish through honesty. It also opens up opportunities to discuss these important topics in the future. 
Online “adventures” are available that include a 10-week curriculum focusing on creating a healthy and F.I.T. heart, mind, body and relationships for the teen girl. In those 10 weeks, girls receive four mentoring sessions with other female leaders to help guide them through their transforming journey. “We believe strong girls become strong women and the healthy ripple effect impacts communities and cultures. A ripple effect that happens one girl at a time from the inside-out,” Schall said.  “Our vision is to cultivate confidence in teen girls guiding them to become leaders who are ready for the adventure of their life!
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