Join the Vend Raleigh Directory

The Vend Raleigh Directory is the premiere way for Vend Raleigh members to showcase their businesses to the local and online community.

With over 3000 women business owners participating in the Vend community, it’s an excellent way to be sure that your business is visible and recognized among both members and non-members alike.

Each listing on the Vend Raleigh Directory comes with:

  • One full-page digital spread with up to 5000 words of body copy – plenty of space to tell the story of your business and highlight the value of your business offerings.
  • Formatting options such as headline and colored text to create a polished and professional page.
  • Embed videos from hosting services such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Add up to 6 digital images that represent your business. Pictures of you, your products, your work – images that will resonate with viewers and draw them into your story.
  • Links to your website and social media platforms to help drive traffic your way.
  • Public member event calendar where you can post your free and paid events.

Member benefits also include:

  • Membership to the preferred Vend Raleigh email list where you’ll be the first to know of new events and opportunities
  • Frequent discounts to paid events
  • Pre-sale opportunities for special Vend Raleigh events such as the annual Illuminate conference