Figuring out how to navigate business and personal life is already hard enough (especially during a pandemic!), but we want to make connecting with other business owners as easy as possible! Each month Vend Raleigh hosts a virtual gathering for networking that will include a time to share your business and connect with our community as a whole, and through smaller breakout groups. We are all about fostering long-lasting and meaningful relationships within our community. You don't need to do it alone. We are Better Toget(her)!

Better Toget(her)  | Authentic Networking for Female Entrepreneurs
Wednesday, May 26th at Noon via Zoom

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At Vend Raleigh we are all about encouraging one another and supporting each other both personally and professionally. As fellow business owners we know how hard it can be to get the word out about what your business is up to. Whether is is a new course, a product launch or a new service you are offering - we want to help you share the big news with our community!

Better Toget(her) event sponsorship includes :
- Spotlight opportunity to speak during the Better Toget(her) event
- Shared social media post to over 3K followers on Facebook and 1.8K followers on Instagram.
- Your business shared as highlighted sponsor in all promotional emails featuring Better Toget(her) for the month of your sponsored event. 
- Best of entire community help cheer you on in your new venture!

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