About Illuminate

Connect, collaborate and create.

Our 7th annual Illuminate conference is Thursday, October 4, 2018.
Registration is now open.


What is Illuminate? 

Illuminate is the annual conference for female entrepreneurs in the Triangle to connect, collaborate, create and grow their businesses. Created by Vend Raleigh, the Illuminate conference brings Raleigh business women together to grow personally and professionally via networking and carefully crafted topical sessions.

The 2018 Illuminate theme is “Illuminate Your Story,” and the planning committee is working tirelessly to produce the best conference yet.

Attendees can expect to explore, identify, create, and share business stories intended to positively influence bottom lines. Entrepreneurs at every stage, across a variety of business models and industries will walk away with and understanding of how meaningful stories captivate audiences and drive them to engage with brands.

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About Vend Raleigh 

Vend Raleigh is an influential collective that inspires and propels successful companies. By collaborating with women from diverse work-backgrounds, we’ve established a culture of creativity, connectivity and community. Look for #vendraleigh on Instagram and see for yourself!




“Fear is a big blocker for me and it felt like she was talking directly to me. I tried hard not to cry during her time because her message really spoke to me.  I loved Illuminate this year, I put myself out there more and met some great women at my table and introduced myself to some people I recognized across the room, which is out of my comfort zone…I loved and it was very timely for me.”

- Amanda Sulyi

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