Vend Raleigh is seeking teachers, speakers, leaders, and content creators!

Each month Vend Raleigh hosts a series of events that revolve around educating, empowering, and connecting our community. To help our members make intentional and impactful growth both personally and professionally we focus each month’s activities around a single educational topic. As a community lead organization, we thrive off the diversity of our members what they each bring to the table. This is where we need you! Check out all the opportunities we have to get teach, speak, lead, or create with our Vend Raleigh Community

Education Workshop

What is this event about?

We kick off the beginning of each month with an educational workshop focused on our monthly topic. These workshops feature two speakers who are experts in their industry that will teach our community to make big changes both in our business and our personal lives.

What are we looking for...

Two women who are experts in their field to come in and share a 15-20 minute presentation on the monthly topic. This can range from a formal talk with slides to leading an interactive hands-on activity, or as a casual open discussion with the group. We recognize that everyone learns differently and we want to offer a variety of opportunities for our community.

What you can expect as an Education Workshop leader….

In the weeks leading up to the workshop, Amber or a member of our team will schedule a short meeting with you to help fill you in on all the plans for the event, let you know what to expect, and listen to your ideas for your teaching time. Together we will come up with a solid plan that you are excited by, and confident with! On the day of the event, we will ask you to be at Studio 557 45 minutes before the event is set to start. That way we can get settled in and ready once attendees start to arrive. The Education Workshops typically last between an hour to an hour and a half. Once we finish, if you have time, we would love you to join the team for lunch or just come hang out with us in our Community Workroom for coworking the rest of the day. *If you are interested we invite our Education Workshop instructors and Community Chat leaders to share their expertise as a contributor to our educational blog. We would love to continue to support and promote you!


What is this event about?

Community Chats are all about real talk, real connections, and real advice from women who have been exactly in your shoes before. Each month we invite a select few members of our community the opportunity to join us on the Clubhouse stage with a business leader teaching on different aspects of our monthly topic. This ’ask the expert’ style chat is aimed to give members the ability to put their business in the hot seat and learn from the best of the best.

What are we looking for...

A leader who is simply super passionate about the monthly topic. A Community Chat leader doesn’t need to be an ‘expert’ in the monthly topic but needs to be willing to be open, honest, and sometimes a bit raw on their own personal experience with the topic. Vend Raleigh is all about authenticity, no fake fronts of ‘having it all together.’ We love and celebrate everyone for who they are and where they are. The Community chats are the perfect opportunity for real talk, real connections, and real advice.

What you can expect as a Community Chat leader….

Before the event, our team will call you to talk through what you can expect, as well as hear your thoughts on talking points you want to share. On the day of we will invite you to join us in the Clubhouse room a few minutes before the event time to get settled in. Community Chat calls can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The chats will be recorded and will be shared on our future education content platform for members to access. This one is pretty simple, show up, be willing to share, no real pants or hair and makeup needed! *If you are interested we invite our Education Workshop instructors and Community Chat leaders to share their expertise as a contributor to our educational blog. We would love to continue to support and promote you!

Deep Dive Workshops

What is this event about?

Deep Dive workshops are all about taking our monthly educational topic one BIG step further for our community. These are not scheduled on a monthly basis like the rest of the events but are reserved for the right opportunity with the right instructors. As these workshops are more in-depth and immersive, the price point will also be higher than with our regular events as the quality of content will support it. Have an idea for a Deep Dive Workshop? Reach out to us to chat more!


Blog Posts

If being in front of the crowd isn’t your thing but writing is your jam - we would love to give you that platform! Guest writing a blog post is a great way to share your knowledge, assert you as an expert in your field, strengthen SEO with linkbacks to your website, and help get your name out in front of a community full of like-minded women. Sound like the perfect fit for you? Send us an email so we can get this conversation started!

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