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Like many mompreneurs, I needed an office or studio to run my businesses, and I needed the space to perform many functions.

I am a business owner. I own Esther’s Place, an online Etsy store that sells custom photo jewelry and gifts. 

I am a genealogist.  I perform client genealogy research at Lisson Genealogy Services.

I am a blogger.  I blog about Esther’s Place (the store), and my mompreneur adventures at Esther’s Place (the blog) and my personal genealogy at Are You My Cousin?.

So…I needed a space where I could research, write and be creative. I found just the space.

Esther's Place - The Offce; Raleigh Etsy Shops
For very little cost, I converted an extra closet into my studio/office. (Well, there never is an “extra closet”, is there?) First I painted the walls with leftover paint from a previous home project.  Next, I added the shelves on each side. I found a table (3.5’ x 2’) and wrestled it into my “closet” office/studio.  I already had the throw rug and just re-located it there. Lastly, I added the wire shelving unit to the door.  The office/studio itself was an easy and low cost project. I only purchased the table and the wire shelving. I completed the transformation in a weekend. Organizing all my “stuff”? Well, that took a bit (okay, a lot) longer.

Here’s the tour:

Esther's Place - Left and Right Side; Raleigh Esty Shops

Esther's Place - Before and After Jewlry; Raleigh Etsy Shops

One of the best features of my studio/office is the door. Sure the door provides extra storage space, but most importantly I can close it. When I’m done for the day there is no staring at unfinished projects or long to-do lists. When I am ready to work again, I open the door and pull up my chair.

Esther’s Place (the store) and Lisson Genealogy Services both grew out of my love of genealogy and my desire to get my ancestors’ photos and stories “out of the box”.  I wanted to share the family stories with other family members, but was frequently met with glazed eyed expressions. Then I made a set of coasters for myself.  Turns out they were conversation starters! I started to hear:

  • Is that Grandmom Cecile who did made candy? (From my son)
  • I remember that photograph. It’s your grandmother’s wedding picture. (From my dad).
  • I always hated that picture of me. (From my grandmother!)

I got my ancestors out of the box, and my family told the stories. I want to help others get their family photos out of the box, too. You can read more about my Etsy story here.

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  1. I work in a closet, too. I love the cozy space and forced organization. Great job getting your family out. of. the. box!

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