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It has come to my attention that quite a few photographers in Raleigh are unaware of the Professional Photographers of North Carolina (PPNC). Or, if they are, aren’t clear on what PPNC offers professional photographers in the way of education and resources. With over 500 members, PPNC is the largest North Carolina non-profit organization created by professional photographers for professional photographers. Because it is local to North Carolina, its events tend to me more accessible and more personal than the (equally wonderful) Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).

PPNC has two major events. The first is East Coast School, a PPA affiliate school held in Raleigh, which means you can earn merits toward both your PPA degree and your PPNC fellowship. The second is the wonderful Carolina Photo Expo, held in Durham. Furthermore, in order to give its members the best experience, PPNC is divided into three separate guilds, Eastern, Central, and Western, each of which host an annual seminar. Informal ‘shoot socials,’ which can cover anything from business practices to a styled model shoot, are held throughout the year in each guild.

During the August Carolina Photo Expo, PPNC hosts a print competition. This print competition is separate from, but follows the same rules as, the PPA regional and international competitions. As such, it is a great and comfortable place to begin your foray into print competition. Like PPA, PPNC offers ways to earn merits towards a degree program, through competition and participation in both PPNC and PPA events.

PPNC is a very welcoming environment for those photographers interested in expanding their business knowledge, refining their photography skills and pushing photographic horizons. I cannot recommend joining highly enough.

Website: www.ppofnc.com
Annual Dues
New Member and admission to Carolina Photo Expo and Seminars: $240
Membership only, $99
Membership and admission to the Carolina Photo Expo: $225
Membership and admission to the Carolina Photo Expo and Seminars: $320

* I should point out two personal photographic-education related notes; the first is that I will be hosting a PPNC shoot social on February 21st. The second is that I will be co-hosting an all-day newborn and maternity workshop on March 19. More information on that workshop will be found over on my website. *

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