The Radiant Goals Retreat is now an online, in-home retreat! We are excited to bring you this updated event in a new way to allow for more of our community to take advantage!

Welcome to the Radiant Goals Retreat.

The place for high caliber, like-minded businesswomen to learn together,  get laser clear on, and map out your most impactful business goals for 2022.

For just a moment, close your eyes and think about the year ahead. How do you feel? Does your heart immediately race, and the feeling of overwhelm consume you? Or are you excited, but unsure whether or not your goals are achievable? 

What to Expect...

The Radiant Goals Retreat

Online Course Begins February 14th

Week of February 14th

Workshop 1: Developing Your Goal-Planning Mindset

Workshop 2: Selecting the Best Goals for your Life + Business

Community Call: Thursday 12-2pm EST

Week of February 21st

Workshop 3: Why What Makes You Unique Matters To Your Goals

Workshop 4: Creating a Solid Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Community Call: Thursday 12-2pm EST

Week of February 28th

Workshop 5: Resetting Your Goals When LIFE Happens.

Community Call: Thursday 12-2pm EST

OPTIONAL: Join us for Dinner Out in Downtown Holly Springs either Friday or Saturday evening.
(Dinner price not included in your ticket)


We are all about encouraging you to take IMMEDIATE and INTENTIONAL action on your goals starting from the moment you dive into the first workshop. Included in your enrollment is an in-depth, interactive workbook with reflective and insightful activities that force you to dig deep in order to create your most impactful goals yet.


To help all of us stay grounded, centered, and in connection with our own deeper wisdom throughout the experience.  We will be joined by a Somatic Movement instructor who will weave in sacred moments of movement and meditation. This way we can set goals and intentions from a place of clarity and abundance, not fear and stress. 



Purpose Filled Goals

Create goals that align deeply with your purpose.


Community Calls

Develop meaningful relationships through our weekly video calls with all course participants.


Powerful Actions

Create powerful action steps that will bring your goals to life.

Enroll Now!

In order to keep our group intimate and connected for our weekly Community Calls, we are limiting the number of participants. If you feel your heart pulling you toward this experience, make sure you register early to save your seat! See you soon! 

Community Enrollment  $197

EXCLUSIVE for members of the Vend Raleigh, and Ali & Co. Marketing Community.

All are welcome to this event!

Registration Closes 2/11 @ 1:00 pm

Meet the Radiant Goals Retreat Team


Ali Parnell

Ali & Co. Marketing

As the owner of a growing video marketing agency, a mother to two young boys, and a woman with a big heart and vision, Ali Parnell has learned to cultivate clear intentions and goals to make the most of each day. Having gone through tremendous loss and change over the past few years, her practice of setting intentions and goals helped her rebuild dreams that had previously crumbled apart. Ali believes that how you achieve your goals is the key to feeling fulfillment in whatever goals you choose. And with her role in coaching and supporting business owners and leaders in reaching their potential in business, goal setting runs deep in her skill set, not only bringing her own goals to life but helping others bring their goals to life too.

Amber Smith

Owner + Leader, Vend Raleigh

Professional photographer and leader of Vend Raleigh, Amber Smith is super passionate about cultivating and leading a life of impact. As the owner of three small businesses she stays busy but never wears it as a badge of honor. Instead, she focuses on how she can spend every moment of every day making the most impact in the lives of others and those in her community. Amber is a passionate believer that intentional goal setting can be truly life-changing. All you have to do is make the commitment, give it your best day after day, and remember that progress is always better than perfection.