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Amber Smith

Hey there!

I’m Amber, owner and leader of Vend Raleigh and fierce supporter of small business. As the owner of three small businesses I know how it feels to be in your shoes. Every phase of your business brings unique challenges and obstacles and we as the Vend Raleigh Community are here to support you.

Sometimes though the biggest impact can be made on a business when sit down and really focus in on impactful grown. One-on-one coaching can help take your business to heights you never dreamed of and I’d love to be a part of that journey with you!

No matter where you are in your business, haven’t even started or been at it for a couple years, I’m confident that we can push your business farther!

What are your goals?
-Increase traffic to your website
-Create a marketing plan for greater interaction on social media
-Power network with other Raleigh small business women
-Create a valuable email marketing list
-Successfully plan that special event or business project
-Product development and packaging

My experience can offer you valuable insight and direction.
-Professional insight and feedback on your website and social media accounts
-Examine branding and marketing strategies
-Determine steps to become a legal business
-Find the real passion for your business
-Examine what business duties to outsource (and whom to hire)
-Create an email list and a marketing plan
-Pick 2 or 3 social media accounts that excite you and make a marketing plan for each
-Blogging for your business and gain visibility with guest blogging
-Connect you with specific business leaders (Mompreneurs) to grow successful with

Let’s get started! Contact me today!

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