5 Easy Tax Filing Tips – 62 Days Left

April 15th is Tax Day!  I like many of you are beginning to get items in the mail to prepare for yourself or accountant. Here are 5 easy tax tips to get you ready to file on time on April 15th because it is never to early to start preparing for your taxes.

  • Make Room: Use a large 3 ring binder or designate a drawer in your file cabinet just for your taxes. This will give you a place to keep all your paperwork as they come in sporadically via the mail. It will make it easy to locate when it is time to organize all your items.
  • Checklist: Use the checklist your account has given you. He/she is a professional and knows what they need to make the process smooth for you. If you are filing taxes yourself  here are a few places on line to find a comprehensive check sheet.
  • Get ALL your deductions: Set aside a day to make phone calls to drs. Offices, pharmacies, dentists and any others who you may need to contact for a year end tally of all items paid that year.
  • Prepare early:  The earlier you start preparing all your paperwork the earlier you can submit and get your refund. I recommend February 15th as a great day to being the process. That gives you 60 days to ensure you have all the documents you need.  
  • Ask questions: Use the Interactive Tax Assistant available on the IRS website to find answers to your tax questions about credits, deductions, general filing questions and more. 


 Lori Bruhns, Everyday Tidy, Raleigh Small Business WomenLori Bruhns
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Lori understands the need for organization and efficiency in making your life run as smoothly as possible. Lori works with individuals and small business throughout North Carolina and across the United States bring order and efficiency to their lives so they can enjoy the things they really love.

As  a  teacher  for  nine  years,  a  mother  to  twin  boys,  and  a  wife, Lori understood the need for organization and efficiency. The more organized she became, the more time and energy she had to enjoy time with her family, her friends and feel more productive at work. She was inspired to start her own personal organizing business, EVERYDAY TIDY LLC, so that she could bring this feeling of organization and empowerment to the people around her.

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