7 Gutsy Steps To Being The Creative “You”

Everyone explains that they can’t draw a stick figure. Well, good news … there is more to finding your creative side than that. Put simply, it takes guts to be creative. If you’ve ever wandered around ArtSpace in downtown Raleigh, you’ve seen indescribable modern art installations that leave you thinking, “How did they think of that?” These people have put themselves out there not only to express their creativity but show others that there is more to life than the ordinary. Believe me, easier said than done!

What’s even better news is there are so many forms of creativity that no one square peg has to fit in a round hole. That is the beauty of creativity. It’s all visual. You can feel it. Touch it. Sense it. See it. For me, creativity began when I was old enough to pick up a crayon and spread out paste (and yes, I was one of those kids who ate paste!). I went to undergraduate school and soon figured out that I didn’t have the guts to merely major in fine arts. Why? I didn’t think I would be able to make a career doing what I loved = creating. So, I ended up getting a marketing degree with graphic design/advertising minors and ultimately, a MBA. I’m told that I’m both left and right brained … but still, I wish I would have had the courage to take my creativity down the long road instead of just stopping along the way to satisfy my cravings.

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So where do you find the guts to be creative?

  1. Think like a kindergartner. Now THEY get to do the fun stuff. Explore. Ask why. Color outside of the lines.
  2. Cut yourself some slack. You being creative is just that. It’s you doing what YOU like, not copying what someone else likes. Not magazine worthy? Who cares!
  3. Stop looking for excuses and try something that interests you. Don’t know how to start? That’s what blogs are for. Step-by-step they get it done. But do it YOUR way.
  4. Prioritize your list of projects you’ve wanted to do for years. Pinterest has enough projects to make you crazy and not want to do any of them. Select a few and go for it.
  5. Don’t wait for affirmation. PERIOD. Fear of imperfection ruins creativity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  6. Understand that start to finish is subjective. If you can’t finish your project right away, pick it up when you can. Don’t give up. It’s just a break.
  7. Allow yourself to fail if that’s what comes along. No worries! You got this. Refer to #4 and pick another creative project.

I can be honest and say my first business creating custom artwork and handmade jewelry didn’t make the big bucks … but that’s ok. I tapped back into my creative side after a long hiatus and gave it my all in the attempts of a full-time creative. And then I failed … and got back up again. I started my second business, Hanner Studios, with my husband for a different reason. It is a shared hobby of ours and I’m happy to say that we’ve been successful so far. I’m looking at my creativity from a different perspective now. It is a passion that I can share with my husband, friends, family and with all our clients that have expressed gratitude for our work. They like it. We love it. That’s all that matters.

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Nicole is the co-owner (along with her husband, Mike) of Hanner Studios, where she photographs a moment in time from an engagement through family memories. She lives in Cary with her husband Mike and her 3 kids under 3 years old. When she isn’t taming her family circus and clicking her camera, she can be found creating custom paintings for clients around the Triangle.


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