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7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Product Photos – Etsy Blog Series

Paper merchandise bagsIt will be 6 months in October since I opened my Etsy shop. Starting a business has been quite a learning experience for me, filled with lots of excitement. I have enjoyed meeting so many inspiring new people. It has rekindled a kind of newness of spirit that sort of reminds me of elementary school. Giddy about learning and making new friends. 

I recently got involved in the Vend Raleigh network. I continue to be impressed by this amazing group of women how generously supportive of each other they truly are. When founder, Cary Heise, gathered interest in those wanting to offer up tips. I got on it; Topic: Taking Better Pictures. I was so excited to take a turn in helping others any way I could.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a professional photographer, not even close. But that is why I’m writing this post. When it comes to product pictures for Etsy shop owners, blog authors, and the like, even people with very little picture taking experience, can contend in their arena. Improving the quality of your product pictures is crucial, and if I can do it, so can you!

When I used to browse the Etsy Treasury lists and select featured blog post pictures, I would sink in my seat.  I will tell you, there is hope! If you have been following me for a while, you may have noticed that I have come a long way with my pictures. I always prefer to use a professional photographer when I can, and I’m fortunate enough to be friends with a few, but employing them isn’t always an option.

Here are some simple tips that I have learned along the way to help me personally as well as for my business, Little Once Boutique.

1. Start with a good quality camera. It doesn’t have to be expensive, even most smart phones come with a good cameras, just make sure your lens is clean. I’m camera dumb. I hope to one day take a class to properly use a DSLR Camera.  But for now, I’m stupidly happy with my point and shoot. 

2. Backgrounds are important. Stage your area with common finds! Patterned paper, fresh fabrics, weathered wood all make interesting backdrops for pictures. Gather up items in your home, (pallet boards, furniture, flooring, copy paper,  a sheet, or a table cloth.) Textured materials such as burlap or canvas, also offer a unique look.

3. Natural lighting is best. Use an area of your home near a door or window. Position yourself facing your object, with the light source is behind you. Avoid blocking the light or casting a shadow. Snap and view to check the lighting. Also avoid direct sunlight. You may find that certain times of the day make for the best lighting. 

4. Change it up! Vary from taking close ups and wide angles. Adjusting the height and angle too. You will be surprised by the new, artsy way, of showcasing your products.

5. Don’t over-use your zoom. Instead, get closer. 

6. Edit your pictures. There are a variety of free editing software on the web, such as PicMonkey, that are simple to use. Play around with the tools to enhance your images.  

7. Take lots of pictures! After taking several pictures of a Salad for my blog over the summer, my husband decided to look through the pictures we had on our camera. I later got a call, asking if I was feeling ok, “you took 57 pictures of beans?!?!” he said. Don’t be afraid to go over board to get a few good ones.

 Remember to practice and be patient, follow these tips, and you WILL make IMPROVEMENTS!  Best of luck!


Little Once BoutiqueBy day Leeann Eagle is a wife and stay at home mom to a busy toddler, but by night, she transforms into the owner & creator of Little Once Boutique; a unique Online Children’s Shop. Leeann is passionate about sewing, crafting, and creating fresh new designs. As a former teacher, she continues to enjoy inspiring others to learn how to create, with her DIY Blog Tutorials. According to Leeann, “Handmade has reinvented itself, hello Pinterest” Her work has been featured on several photography prop websites and in WRAL’s local news column Go Ask MomYou can find Leeann on Facebook and Etsy.

Our Vend Raleigh Etsy Blog Series written by our Etsy Shop Owners will run all week!  Be sure to look back at earlier posts and check back later in the week!


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  1. Great tips! A lot of the time pictures are what sells an item!
    Including other items to show “size” or the available variety of colors is also helpful, but in the listing you’ll probably want to mention exactly what you are selling.

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