Are You Repelling Money?

It took me two years to figure out the reason why I was running two businesses and was still making ends meet through the use of credit cards.  For a long time, this is what my business looked like:

    •    Get a client, make some money
    •    Decrease my rates because someone said they couldn’t afford my services
    •    Worry about where my next client would come from
    •    Stew over my prices
    •    Get a client, make some money
    •    Pay some bills
    •    Get a client and change my pricing to get the client
    •    Use credit cards to pay some more bills
    •    End of month, no plan for increasing my income next month

So, what was holding this smart, articulate teacher with a Master’s degree who had accomplished everything she ever wanted to do, back?

What SHAME there is attached to not making money in a business that you are so passionate about!!!

    •    “Why would anyone work with me?”
    •    “I just don’t have what it takes!”
    •    “I don’t know what I’m doing.”
    •    “I am so stupid.”
    •     “I am not cut out for this.”
    •    “What if they don’t like it?”
    •    “What if they don’t like me?”
    •    “What if I mess up and don’t get it right?”

Yep, I heard all of these phrases for two years.

And here’s what I believed about money:

    •    People who make money are greedy, stuck up and snobby
    •    Once I make money I’ll just spend it all and won’t have anything to show for it
    •    My friends will think I’ve changed once I start making money
    •    I can’t hang with people who make a lot of money
    •    I don’t know how to make money
    •    I feel like I’m taking away from people if I ask them to work with me
    •    People just want to make money so that they can have fancy things
    •    Spending money on things like cars, homes, trips, nice clothes and self-care is so frivolous
    •    People don’t have any money right now so I have to keep my prices low

Can you say, “REPEL”?

After looking at those belief systems above, what on Earth made me think that the Universe was going to send me high end clients?

We all have a story and usually that story, which isn’t even really about money, is what ultimately holds us hostage.  YOU get to create the life that you want, right now.  As women business owners, we have to FIERCELY go after a high level of mastery and drop the story or Go For It!  The in-between place is crazy making and painful.

I’d like to give you THREE steps that you can take today to stop repelling money:

Step One:  Make a Decision to Earn More Money

For a long time I worked so hard to make it work off of such a small amount of money.  We were struggling.  Why?!  What is the point!  I finally got so fed up with trying to live client to client and month to month that I threw my hands up in the air and made a conscious decision that I was going to learn everything I could about wealth consciousness and how to be an A-player.

Step Two:  Start Receiving in All Areas of Your Life

When someone offers to open the door for you, let them. When a friend offers to pay for your coffee or lunch, let them. When your husband leans in for a kiss, kiss him back with passion. When you just want to take a break and go for a walk outside, GO! When someone compliments your outfit, say “thank you!”
Making money and living an abundant, prosperous lifestyle is all about being open to receive.

Step Three:  Lead From Your Heart Not From Your Head

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “How am I going to do this?” or “Where am I going to find the right clients?” or “How do I balance my work and life?” or “How do create the systems I need to be successful?”

Stop asking yourself those questions and get out of your head.  You have access to all of the answers you need, but by staying in your head, you are blocking the answers from showing up.

Stop trying to do it all alone.  Stop trying to figure it out by yourself.  Lead from your core.  Lead from your heart.  Do what you “want” to do rather than what you think you “should” do.

Megan Huber Coach, Raleigh Mompreneurs

With Love,

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  1. Terrific post!!! Love this… “As women business owners, we have to FIERCELY go after a high level of mastery and drop the story or Go For It! The in-between place is crazy making and painful.”

  2. Yes, Anne! My mentor taught me that one right from t he get go! It really does become life or death.

  3. Great blog!
    So how did you address all those problems you listed in the first set of bullets?

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