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The Best Google Hangout Tutorial Ever

The Best Google Hangout Tutorial Ever By None Other Than Renae Christine

I KNOW you have been wanting a Google Hangout tutorial or class and I’ve been searching all over and racking my brain to get it for you! After a couple no’s, it dawned on me to go to the pro, Renae Chistine of RichMomBusiness.com. Do you follow her? You should. Like, you should follow her right now. She’s on YouTube, FacebookTwitter, Pinterest…. You get it. Any place your business should be online, she’s there, and she’s an expert. Her biz videos ROCK!

I tell you all the time, don’t assume someone won’t work with you! Go for it! So I did. I DM’ed Ranae like we were buds and said I’d like to hire her to create a tutorial for me (for you). And she said I couldn’t afford it… She’s probably right, but I was going to make this happen. (I wanted to save you from the crappy video I was about to make.) We got a conversation going and TA DA! A Google Hangout tutorial, by Renae, just for Vend Raleigh- just for YOU!

I can’t wait to see what kind of promotions, shows, interviews, DIY’s and meetings you all are going to be doing on Google+ now! And I want invites so I can watch and participate!

Without further adieu…. Here’s Renae doing her “awesome-sauce” thing.


Renae’s Rich Mom Business is more than a collection of short business videos. She had a whole Rich Mom University with more and in depth tutorials, forums, live business consultations, SEO software and much, much more! Renae is offering Vend Raleigh a 50% discount code! Use CRAZISAUCERENAE .

Here’s what I’m saying about RichMomBusiness.com….


I’ve been so, so excited about giving this tutorial to you!  I hope you schedule some time right away to study it and start using Google Hangouts! This is going to open up ways we collaborate and I can see some Google HOA (Hangouts On Air) Vend meetings happening soon! 

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