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The Best Kept Secret In Vend Raleigh

Vend Raleigh small business women find it important to live out their faith in their businesses.

The first Friday of each month Vend Raleigh holds a Business Women of Faith Meeting. It’ We regularly have 10-12 women that attend, and not always the same faces. For many, this meeting has been their first introduction to Vend! You’ve likely been to a meeting or two with us, but many of you probably haven’t been to this meeting. It’s very typical to get personal in our conversations at any Vend event, I joke that we often we will be talking about business and then before you know we are talking about breastfeeding. And that’s what makes Vend Raleigh The Place for Raleigh Mompreneurs. But Vend is more than business support and friend connections. We have a group of faithful women within Vend and it is a pleasure to meet with them monthly. We’d love to have you join us! 

Raleigh Small Business Faith TshirtsSarah Schall of Born Awesome leads the group. Born Awesome is a tshirt line with a non-intimidating missional message. She often leads us with interactive devotional times, and then sometimes asks someone else in the group to lead. 

How did this start? I attend Hope Community Church and lead pastor Mike Lee encouraged the church to bring Bible Study or faith based conversation to work with us where we can and I was very inspired to start a monthly meeting where Vend Mompreneurs can talk about faith and what that looks like for us within our businesses.

We actually meet a Hope Community Church, 821 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh- right near Cary Crossroads Plaza. Vend also has our Working Meetings there! Hope’s Gathering Space has a coffee shop, wifi and lots of tables and chairs for meetings or work space.

Today’s meeting was a great example of encouragement and sharing, and I was wishing you all were there! Hence, the blog post you are reading. I felt so excited I had to sit down and write to you.

This time is an opportunity to talk about projects I’m working on outside of Vend Raleigh such as international missions and women’s conferences of faith here at home

Don’t go to Hope? Don’t go to church? Perfect! All are welcome!

You can RSVP for the December meeting here.

Visit the event page for a list of all upcoming events just for you, Raleigh Mompreneurs.

Hope to see you!

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