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Break the Ice | Networking Questions for Mompreneurs

Raleigh Small Business Women Networking Our Vend Raleigh Speed Networking event for Mompreneurs was awesome! Tiffani Campbell of Social Butterflies NC said it was the best thing she’d ever done! (I assume she meant professionally.) Seriously though, we did have a great time. But networking can be a bit intimidating for some. Although we didn’t have any lack of conversation that evening, I armed our Mompreneurs with some conversation starters in case some needed a kick or a fresh approach.


What networking questions can you add to this list?

  • What brought you to this event?
  • What’s your top business goal right now?
  • Do you often work with other businesses? How would you like to in the future?
  • Share a business struggle and ask advice.
  • What social media platform works best for you and why? What social platform do you enjoy most?
  • What makes your business or service unique? How are you different?
  • What kind of people can I introduce you to?
  • How do you feel about competitors?
  • How much client interaction do you have?
  • What business roles do you outsource?
  • How do you balance your children’s schedule and your work schedule?
  • How do you measure your success?
  • Do you like networking?
  • What’s been your biggest project?
  • Do you have a contact that would be valuable for me?

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