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Content Class is Back

Content Class RaleighBecause of your feedback, I am offering the content calendar class again!

Do you feel like you have too little content to be consistent on social media? Do you have struggle with sharing too much of the same thing?

A testimony from a past attendee:

Your class today was motivating & gave me true direction & steps to move forward in my blog & in my business! Honestly, today was one of the best resources I’ve ever had put in front of me giving me a focus & a plan of what I need to do next. Months ago I paid over $189 for an E-course that marketed itself as doing the same……..Girl, your 1hr & 30 mins gave me more than my over priced e-course. I felt like we all were so lucky to be able to sit through this workshop……all Vend Members should have been a part of this.  Your course will  banish the mompreneur’s “fear” of how they tackle social media.

Content calendar, editorial calendar, social media scheduling… It’s about planning and managing posts, tweets, and blogs.

I’ve had some fails when realizing I missed a business anniversary or a Mother’s Day post. Those are buzz worthy events and I missed the opportunities to engaged with my demographic. Don’t let time get away from you! Create a business editorial calendar and be on top of product introductions, holidays, and creative ways to connect with your fans and followers.

Could you be writing and sharing about more topics than you do? Do you need some fresh ways to engage? Let’s open up your discussion topics and invite new readers and followers in with good content.

Do you look at your Facebook and Twitter accounts and go blank? I’ll give you creative, fun and interactive ideas to fill that ‘dead space’.

This is not a blogging class, this is a social media class. If you blog though, this is certainly for you, too.

Bring a laptop with a year’s spreadsheet (Google Drive or Evernote) ready to go or a paper calendar (and if you are really detail oriented, bring some colored pencils!).

Wednesday, March 9th, 10am- 11:30am
$30/$24 (email to come with discount code for Vend Raleigh Directory Members)
Hope Community Church, 1000 Perimeter Park Dr, Morrisville

*Tickets are nonrefundable. This workshop is for Mompreneurs, please find child care.

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