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Raleigh Etsy, Raleigh Wine Gifts, Raleigh GlassesI have always been creative and loved to paint.  But paint just on paper??? That’s boring!  Let me look around the house to see what I’ve got instead.  My business actually came about when a good friend told me that she was getting married.  I couldn’t attend her wedding so I wanted to give her something special, but what?  I thought it would be neat for her bridal party to have gorgeous wine glasses to use at the reception!  I could make some!  I used her wedding colors to customize them and shipped them to her.  She loved them.  She posted a picture of them on Facebook and my wine glasses took off from there!
Soon I was setting up an Etsy shop and selling my items to strangers, not my friends and family but these people were actual real customers!  People wanted to pay for my creations and they still do!  I can’t believe it.  
So my business began.  My little painting station at my kitchen table two years ago has grown into a work studio full of crystals, paints, bubble wrap, ribbon and boxes. I truly love making these glasses.  I am constantly sketching new ideas, constantly trying new things.  I put my heart and soul into each and every glass.  I make these because of the smiles they bring to those who receive them.  I hope to do so for years to come.  
Raleigh Etsy, Raleigh Wine Gifts, Raleigh Glasses
Having your own business takes time, dedication, drive and the key ingredient is passion.  Having passion for what you do will make you succeed even if you think you can’t.  Learn from your mistakes, continue to research and promote your business, be knowledgeable about your product, keep your standards high and value your work just as high because if you don’t, no one else will.
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  1. I love these & need these for my bridal party of 6 can you provide me with pricing ?

  2. Stephanie, you can also contact me on Facebook at: Glamour by Nicole. Or on my Etsy shop name: hotmomm. 2 m’s! Thanks, Nicole

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