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Daily Actions Equals Big Business

Raleigh DIrect SalesThe school supplies are purchased, alarm clocks are set and then the kids are out the door!  You’re free!  Right?  Before you sip that pumpkin spice latte and crack open a new book remember you are back in your routine and can get back to your business!  If you tend to slow down during the summer months due to the kids being home it can be hard to get back into the swing of things.  But never fear!  Motivation is easy to not only get back, but keep when you stay consistent and follow a few easy rules.

Why is it important to stay motivated?

Keeping motivated is important for your business to grow!  When you take too much time off, aren’t working your business consistently, or don’t put in enough work/time to reach your goals the business stays put.  It doesn’t grow!  Some businesses run on seasons or schedules but most need daily action.  Even small daily actions can keep you on track.

Why do we need “tools” to keep us motivated in our businesses?

A big part of having your own business is realizing you don’t have a boss!  No one is breathing down your neck to get your numbers up or make those calls.  There won’t be a knock on your office door to review your progress or talk to you about a promotion.  Its your job to be your own boss and get yourself going!  Even on your worst day when you are tired, the house is a mess and a child (or husband!) needs you for something, your business needs attention as well.  And as your own boss its your job to make yourself work even when you don’t want to!

Setting Goals

One big way to stay motivated and move your business forward is to have goals!  Having goals gives you something to work for and every business has different types of goals so set them realistically.  Think about a daily goal.  How many calls or contacts are you going to get today?  How many new orders are you going to get?  Or if your business is creatively driven how many new products will you create today?  Then think about weekly and monthly goals.  Again realistically speaking.  What can you accomplish in that week and in the month. You can even set quarterly and yearly goals.  A big motivator is to write them down and post them all over your house!  On your fridge, your night stand, the washing machine, and your steering wheel are a places that you see a lot.

Personal Development

A daily action that can keep you thinking positively and motivated is personal development.  Find books and blogs that pertain to you, your business and your goals.  They can be business books about running your empire, daily devotionals that speak to your spiritual side or simply a book that speaks to your inner voice telling you to go for it!  Reading for 20 minutes a day can change your attitude and your self talk to keep you going when you are feeling like throwing in the towel for the day.  This is my favorite motivator because it doesn’t matter if you are on vacation, have a busy week, or its a holiday.  You can always squeeze in 20 minutes to read and keep your business in the front of your mind.  Ask your friends for their favorites if you don’t know where to start with personal development reading.

Networking and Staying Connected

A fun way to motivate yourself is to stay connected to like minded business people!  Find a networking group, create a small group with other business women you admire, and attend meetings that pertain to your business.  If your company has area meetings or your industry has some meet ups make them a priority!  You never know what small bit of info you can take away from someone that could propel your business to another level.

What Feeds Your Mind

Much like personal development reading, there are many things that feed our minds.  Things like running, listening to music, and journaling are all things that make us feel good.   Doing these things that make us feel happy and puts us in a positive frame of mind spills over into your business life.  Feeling good, positive and grateful are qualities that will raise your confidence and keep you motivated in your business.  Especially through the slow times.  Find what keeps your positivity flowing and make it a daily habit.

With all the demands of a family and running a business its easy to get side tracked.  But with a little boost of confidence and energy, some goal setting, and good daily habits your business can withstand the crazy times and the slow times!  And the great thing is that there doesn’t have to be a starting point or big plan.  Start today and watch a change happen in yourself and your business!

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