How to choose a Direct Sales Business that is right for you.

Deciding On A Direct Sales Business

How to choose a Direct Sales Business that is right for you. Raleigh Direct SalesThinking about joining starting a direct sales business? Monique Jackson of Pure Romance started a great conversation in the Vend Raleigh Direct Sales group. She asked, “How have you determined which direct sales company you wanted to join?” Hear what our Vend Raleigh Direct Sales Mompreneurs had to say…

Well, I never planned on joining one! I learned about these products that I fell in love with and met some people in the company that I made a good connection with. It all lined up & here I am. Helen Tenney, Doterra

I never realized I was becoming a direct sales consultant when I bought my kit, I just wanted everything in the kit for the kit price instead of full price. What I did see is that my love for food and cooking was being served by having the right tool for the job. I’ve found that I love helping others have the right tool and making their time in the kitchen more enjoyable as well as quicker and easier. It’s a “niche” thing – you have to find what you are passionate about. Jennifer Menting, My Pampered Chef

Do a little research. Make sure the company is a member of the Direct Selling Association, find a product you love and someone that knows what they are doing to join under! Susan Newnam, Initials, Inc.

I wasn’t looking for one because I don’t like to sell, but after watching my aunt do it for a year, I wanted to try my hand at uplifting women. Michele Cohen, Essenital Bodywear 

I agree you need to research the company, and members of Direct Selling Association. Are they privately held, no debt (means no share holders), staying power (how long have they been in business) what percentage are you compensated at? Do you have to carry inventory? Do you have quotas in order to receive YOUR discount/compensation? Do you get paid on the first person you bring in to your business with you? Do you have to wait for checks or are you paid on the spot? Is there a good return/exchange policy at the company? Is the product a proven good seller (you HAVE to believe in what you are offering)? How does the company treat their employees and ultimately YOU as their biggest asset? Staci Nichols, Premier Designs (access code BLING)

Professional founders with a clear mission statement, products that work, and the team (and friends) I was joining put me over the edge. Heather Caldwell, Rodan and Fields

I fell in love with the product and did research on the company. I found out that it is relatively small company, but it is growing by leaps and bounds. The company sells products that are trendy and wonderful and so many people love them so it’s not too difficult to sell. They are team and family oriented and really support one another. So glad I joined. Beth Stevens, Jamberry Nails 

Local Raleigh Small Business Women lifting one another up!

I researched my company before signing up – I am so not a sales person, but I love the product and I love the fact that they don’t use harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, gluten or soy in any if their products! If it’s something you believe in, it’s easy to promote it! Dawn Swayney, Perfectly Posh

The price point was important to me in my research I wanted to make sure that our products were affordable and something I would use and love! I am always with a wallet and tote so our products are a natural fit for our lifestyle. Now that I’m with the company I stay because it is more than selling bags, it is a company based on values and one that listens to consultants. Nicole Galiger, Thirty-one 

I love earning 45% commission and no catalogs or other overhead really works well for me! I love $5 jewelry and accessories since everyone can afford it and I never feel like I am overcharging anyone. It makes women feel great when they fall in love with a new piece of jewelry AND they only spent $5. Plus, unlike many direct sales companies, I can consign or sell in a retail store as well! I find basket shows to be an easy and profitable and is something I can do along with my busy home life! Krista LaRocque, Paparazzi Accessories and 5 Bucks 4 Bling 
As many have said, research the company (core values, compensation plan, career plan, refunds/exchange policies, financial stability, etc), but also go further by asking yourself “What am I passionate about? Can xyz company help me fulfill that passion?” For me, it has ultimately came down to finding a company and product that supported my purpose. I’m currently a consultant for two direct sales companies, but I’m putting more energy into Norwex because it directly goes along with my mission to help families save time and money while cleaning out the chemicals in their lives. For the past couple of years, this has been a personal passion of mine with my own family. Now I get to help others by educating them on the dangerous effects of chemicals while offering a safe alternative. I also love being a small part of saving the earth! Take time to reflect and find a company/product that aligns with your personal goals and dreams. Good luck and have fun! Angela Cuales, Norwex


Recently our Vend Raleigh Direct Sales Group has grown to over 500 women! What a great source of knowledge and support there! We have a coffee meeting coming up just for our Direct Sales Mompreneurs, join us on June 19th

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