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If You’re Not Earning The Money You Want, Assess Your “Profit Funnel”

Even though we may never have met before, I bet I know some things about you.

I bet that you love being a Mom. You love being a wife. And you love your business. You feel like you’re using your God-given talents and gifts to help others, to financially contribute to your family, and to have something of your own.

Clare Luffman Illuminate Vend Raleigh

{And BTW, if we haven’t met yet, I hope to meet you at the upcoming Illuminate conference!}

But some days are hard for you. At times, you worry because the money isn’t coming in. You wonder if you should just throw in the towel, so you have more dedicated time to spend with your family. You wonder if you’re just fooling yourself, and that your business is more like an “expensive hobby.”

I believe that your dream of having your business was planted deep in your heart by God. And that He’ll give you everything you need to make it happen. That’s not to say that it will be easy. That’s not to say that you won’t continually push outside your comfort zone {which can be uncomfortable!} And it’s not to say that you won’t have doubts, worries or fears.

Clare Luffman Illuminate Vend Raleigh



But I encourage you to CHOOSE to replace those worries with faith. Gain a deep-seated belief, that even though you don’t know how or when you’ll get where you want to go, be confident that you’ll get there. See it as a “done deal.” Act as if it’s a “done deal.” Begin acting like the person you’ll become, when it’s a “done deal.” That confident, unstoppable, gracious, giving woman. 

And please know that I understand that this “growing a business thing” can be overwhelming, confusing and full of information overload. I get that! Because in addition to mastering your craft (i.e. photography, massage, coaching, etc.), there’s the aspect of growing a business. And it’s this part that many women say they don’t like.

Have you ever found yourself saying “I don’t like sales and marketing.” But without sales and marketing, we can’t have a profitable business.

So how about we experience a paradigm shift and learn to love the business-building side of our business?

Market with ease and authenticity.

One of the most common challenges I hear is around marketing. So my advice is to take the pressure off. It doesn’t need to be so hard.

I’m also going to recommend that you *do less* when it comes to marketing. But do *less* *MORE consistently.*

Pick just 3 core strategies that work for your ideal clients, which fit your personality and which you can commit to doing consistently. And then do them. Consistently.

Put your marketing blinders on and try not to get sidetracked. Just stick with your 3 core strategies and get really good at them. And don’t pick strategies that feel icky. As I always like to say, “if it feels icky, don’t do it.”

Develop a relationship with your leads.

As people are hearing about you through your marketing efforts, offer a No-Obligation Invitation (NOI) exclusively for your ideal clients. To get the NOI, they’ll simply provide their name and e-mail address.

Now start “dating” your leads. Add value. Share. Give. Consider the 80/20 rule and include 80% of value-added content in your communications and 20% promotional offers.

Keep-in-touch through an e-mail newsletter. Add your own personality to your keep-in-touch strategy. It doesn’t need to look like everyone else. And it doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles. It can be a simple motivational quote, a 3-minute video, or a couple of sentences.

The key is that you’re *reminding* your leads that you’re there to help. You’re not hitting them over the head with your sales message. You’re being a giver, an expert and someone who can be counted on (because you’re consistently communicating.)

Convert your leads to sales.

Do you have an effective, authentic way to convert leads from “interested” to “invested?” How do you get new clients?

Let’s say I were to give you 5,000 new leads – ideal leads. What would you do with them? How would you convert them? Would you send them to a sales page on your website? Would you give them a call? Would you ask them to call you? Would you meet them face-to-face?

And most importantly, what would you say? How would you offer your product or solution, without feeling “salesy?”

My advice to you is that you sit down and flush this through. Don’t restrict your thinking by what everyone else is doing, or by what you’ve done historically.

Get creative. Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes. How would you like to be treated? What would encourage you to buy?

Clare Luffman Illuminate Vend RaleighThese three aspects we just talked about are the core pieces to a profit funnel and to a profitable business:

  • Market with ease and authenticity
  • Keep in touch and develop a relationship
  • Effectively convert leads to sales

We just started to scratch the surface. I can’t wait to dig deeper at the Illuminate Conference. Sign up now, if you haven’t! 

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