Facebook ads for small bsuiness

Facebook Ads for Small Business


Where do I create an ad on Facebook?  

You can create an ad from your business page. You can also “boost a post” from your timeline. It seems though there are more options for market targeting by creating an ad from your personal Facebook page. You can find this “create an ad” button in the sidebar of your personal news feed page.  You can create a ad campaign by running multiple ads.  

Facebook ads for small bsuiness


What is most important for a successful ad campaign on Facebook, content or image?

Typically the photo will determine how well a campaign does. Use the same text for multiple photos, or change a word or two. But don’t use two entirely different copies on the same campaign.


How do I successfully manage an ad campaign? 

After 24-48 hours, you should be able to gauge which ads are performing the best. You can pause or delete the ads with lower engagement and continue to run the ads that are performing better.


What is a good budget for a successful Facebook ad campaign for a small business like mine?

In order to make money, you have to spend money. If you’re creating a lifetime budget for an ad, spend at least $50. If you really want to see hits on your page, I recommend spending $25/day. This is really beneficial if you have an event or sale that you’re trying to promote. To get the best results, don’t pause your campaign. Facebook favors longer running ads.


Where should I direct those who click on the ad?

This is your chance to make sure prospective clients are seeing information that you’ve created just for them! Create a landing page that you’ll direct your new fans to. This landing page should include some sort of Like Incentive, i.e. “LIKE us to receive a coupon for 10% off your entire purchase”. Once that person likes your page, the landing page will then show the coupon code with a direct link to your website. There are several landing page builders, and some of them are even free. I recommend trying ShortStack, as its user friendly and free if you have less than 2,000 fans on your page.


How should I determine what demographic and how many people to target?   

When creating your ad, consider style and price points and think of brands that your client would affiliate with and include those brand names in the “Precise Interest” field.  Are you clients following Michael Kors or Old Navy? Are you local or national? What cities nationwide should you be reaching?

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Should I choose pay for click or impression?

Your real pay off is having someone click on your page. Choose pay per click.

What’s been your experience with Facebook ads?  Do you have any tips to share?  Comment below.

This post was a collaboration between Cary Heise of Vend Raleigh and Jessica Throneburg of Little Details.  Along with running her own business,  Jessica works as a Community Manager for a national social media management company. She creates brand specific Facebook content for mid-sized businesses, as well as manages Pinterest accounts.


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