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Facebook Break Up

New Social Media Marketing Strategies for Raleigh Small Business

We’ve heard it for a while now, and it’s hard to believe when I still see posts that reach over 1000 people, but it’s time to take it seriously that Facebook is making some big changes when it comes to business pages.  If you have a business page and are not willing to pay for ads, you need to consider a new marketing plan, especially if Facebook IS your marketing plan.

Here are ways to keep you connected to Vend Raleigh and maybe new marketing strategies you should consider.

  1. Join the Email List-  I’ve been building the email list for Vend since the very beginning, I’ve always known the value of an email list.  If there is something I think Vend Mompreneurs should know, I will email you, I don’t just hope that Facebook delivers the message to you. Building your email list creates a quality client base. Clients invite you into their online world by taking the time to sign up for your information.  Treat them well by giving them valuable content on a schedule that proves fitting for your audience (weekly, monthly, special promotions) and they will continue to be faithful followers.
  2. Facebook Interest Lists- Facebook Interest lists allow you to categorize the Facebook pages you like to follow and this option notifies Facebook that you are indeed interested in having those pages show up in your news feed. To add Vend Raleigh to your interest lists, to go the Vend Raleigh Facebook page and to the right of Like and Message, there is a drop down, click that and add Vend Raleigh to an interest list.  I’ve started a personal list for Vend Raleigh businesses.  This will keep your businesses in my personal news feed, for a little while longer anyway.
  3. Facebook Groups- I’m so glad for those Vend Raleigh Facebook groups we started!  We have some strong and large Vend Raleigh groups– they are valuable to keep us connected as so many of us are on Facebook!  This is an easy way to regulate what you see in your news feed, but be sure to turn those group notifications ON!  (Here are links to the Facebook groups such as Direct Sales, Etsy Shop Owners, Professional Photographers and more!)
  4. Making Your Personal Page Public- If you are the personality behind your brand, such as a blogger or designer, you can have followers subscribe to your personal page without actually friending them by asking them to “follow” you . You can only have 5,000 friends on Facebook, followers are unlimited.  You can make posts public then for your followers or subscribers to view.  (This is not an option for me for Vend. First of all, Vend Raleigh isn’t a personality page like say Stay at Home Rock Star is.  And secondly, I like to keep my personal page personal, I feel like I am already very out there on social media and I enjoy a little space to interact with my friends in a casual way.)
  5. Use the Website- Be sure that you are checking in on the Vend Raleigh website at least weekly to read current blogs, checking on newly announced events, etc.  
  6. Vend Raleigh Directory The directory is also a valuable tool that would be worth the time to visit each week.  Things to look for are new listings, new events listed by business owners, new barter partners, etc. (I will still be running Facebook ads to promote the Vend Raleigh Directory on occasion.)
  7. Twitter and Google+- Social media is here to stay, we just need to learn what is most productive and profitable and be willing to change with the times.  We also need to be ahead of the game! If you aren’t on Twitter or G+ yet, get on it!  There is a how to on Twitter on Vend Raleigh and soon we will be offering a Google+ class.  You can follow Vend here on Twitter and here on G+. (If you are interested in the Google+ class, and want to be sure to get the details once they are available, get on the Vend email list!)

So, while Facebook and I are breaking up professionally, we are still “friends”, and I’ll still be sharing there on the Vend Raleigh page, as I know many of you are there.  Just know I’ve begun seriously courting Twitter and Google+, and I will continue to consistently managing and maintaining the Vend Raleigh website and email list. Stay close!

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  1. This is a great article for local businesses. Though FB changes what seems like weekly, as long as you are on a variety of social media channels, you have options. Find your audience and get working! Links are paramount. Nothing matters more than potential clients finding you on Google (besides loyal returning clients :).

    Nicole Hanner

    Vend Raleigh Directory member:

  2. I have been thinking a lot about Facebook lately and it’s almost like business pages are just another website I have to drive traffic too and almost be over creative to get engagement. If I’m going to work that hard to drive traffic to something I rather market my actual blog site where people have direct access to my expertise and use Facebook as an extension of my newsletter and keep in touch strategy. Thank you, you’ve just helped me map out and define my 2014 marketing plan!

    I haven’t been using Twitter as frequently until recently and honestly think I may like it better for using it as a marketing tool. I know you didn’t mention Pinterest but I get a nice bit of referral traffic to my website from Pinterest. It is especially nice for those with any type of portfolio or catalog.

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