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I have been leading a Success Group of Mompreneurs from the amazing VEND group the last three months and I am astounded at the growth each person has made.  The group has worked on personal things like understanding their needs and values and clearing limiting beliefs and professional things like goal setting and increasing visibility and revenue.  They have been able to set and achieve amazing goals in all aspects of their lives.  
As a coach, I believe your personal and professional life is very intertwined so the work I do focuses on combining those parts of your life.  When you work on each part of your life together, it really helps you achieve more at a faster rate and it helps you find true happiness in all areas of your life.

You may be asking how a success group works.  Here are some basics!

-The group meets every 2 weeks to discuss different topics like goal setting, business planning, scheduling and so much more.  Each person gets to share and grow at every meeting and the group is facilitated by Life Coach Gaye Esser of www.redefinebalance.com.

-You learn how to create success in your business and personal life and you set yourself up to achieve your dreams.

-A success group is helpful because you are in a group environment so you get input from other like-minded people.  You have accountability from your coach and other members and you have others to push, encourage and support you.

Here is what some of the group coaching members say about their experiences:

Liz from Eye Candy says “Gaye has a special talent for asking the right questions and helping each person find the answers within themselves.  Being part of the group has been motivational, inspirational, and confidence building.  I would say that over the course of the group, my business has achieved liftoff and I am really looking forward to using what I’ve learned and the connections I’ve made to help it soar.”

Michelle from Sonshine Wear says “For me, the most valuable aspect of the group coaching has been Gaye’s ability to ask the right questions to get to the “root” of my business’ stumbling blocks.  My greatest take-away is that I now have renewed confidence in my ability to run my business effectively and  most importantly, the group format has allowed me to share my challenges with other like-minded business owners in a nurturing environment.”

Wendy from Harper Vintage Modern says “I have found a combination of intuition + knowledge rooted in facts about my business and this equips me to answer business challenges.  I have learned to trust my choices: no one is as invested in Harper as I am.  My great takeaway is realizing the value in helping others achieve goals while achieving your own. There is such celebration in that!”

In a group, each person gets something different, but it is just what you need for you and your business.  The group environment is an amazing way to find support in accomplishing your dreams.  If you are interested in joining a success group, the next group starts in August.  Space is limited so sign-up now!

The group meets at Hope Community Church from 11:15-12:15 every other Tuesday.
The cost is only $200 for all 6 sessions.  
The group is limited to the first 6 people so sign-up fast.
The 6 meeting dates are August 13 and 27,
September 10 and 24, and
October 8 and 22.

Redefine Balance
To reserve your spot contact Gaye Esser at
919-455-7655 or coachgaye@redefinebalance.com

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