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Going from Flip Flops to Fuzzy Sweaters and Everything In-between

With the weather getting colder in the morning and evenings but our temperatures staying warm during the day it is hard going from flip flops to fuzzy sweaters. Here are a few tips to help you gradually make the switch.  And remember you don’t need a fancy closet organizing system to have great a closet. All you do need is some time, a few tips & some good hangers.

  • Start by sorting all your clothing into piles (trash, donate, consignment) NEVER HAVE AN I WILL FIT INTO THAT PILE.  If it doesn’t fit the day you sort the clothing get rid of it!!!!!
  • Sort the clothing you want to keep into sub categories (seasonal; winter, spring etc., colors, long hanging, short hanging, folded) 
  • Place all hanging clothing on sturdy wood hangers or sturdy hangers with clips (skirts, pants).  Use durable plastic hangers for blouses & tops that may pull on the wood.  Hangers are a good inexpensive investment.  I recommend the ones from Bed, Bath & Beyond or Linens & Things.  Average price 20 hangers for $10.
  • Baskets are great for folded shirt (so that they stay folded), pantyhose or tights, balled sock, undergarments or any other type of loose article of clothing/accessory (belts,)
  • To maximize your space don’t forget about the door.  Hooks & shoe organizers are wonderful to store various items (purses, belts, socks, undergarments, jewelry)
  • Hanging shelves are an inexpensive versatile piece.  They can hold folded clothing, bulky sweaters or collections of accessories.  They can be moved very easily to fit your needs.
  • Turn hangers once you have worn the clothing to know which clothing you wear most often & those you rarely wear (I recommend to get rid of clothing not worn over a 6 month period or more)


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Lori Bruhns

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