Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for Vend Raleigh. We are thrilled to have your knowledge, experience, and willingness to share your words with our community. Keep an eye out for an email with your guest blogging username and password for the website. Below you will find all the details you will need to know in setting up your blog post. If you are still looking for a few tips on what to write about or how to write, check out Cary’s Guidelines and FAQs here.   Read through each section and if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us.

Thank you and we look forward to reading your blog post!

Image GuideVend-Raleigh-Image-Guide

Here is your first stop in the short road of setting up your blog post. Before adding any images to the website, it is important to make sure the images you plan to use are sized correctly so that we do not have too many large files on the website. Click on the guide image to the right, if you need any help sizing your images.

File Name: Save your image on your computer with dashes, your business name, and Vend Raleigh’s name. Example: My-Business-Name-Vend-Raleigh.jpeg

File Type: JPEG or PNG

File Size: No larger than 200KB

Article GuideVend-Raleigh-Article-Guide

After you are comfortable with your image sizes or if you do not have any to provide, please take a few minutes to scroll through our Article Guide to understand  the steps to adding your blog post. *If you are already familiar with WordPress, no problem, head straight over and begin your post.


Profile GuideVend-Raleigh-Profile-Guide

The last step in publishing a blog post on Vend Raleigh is to share a little bit about you, your business and your social media links. Take a look at what is needed for your BIO in the Profile Guide to the right. It is a step by step on adding all the details so that you get the links back to your website correctly.