January Is GO Month!

Have trouble sticking to those New Year’s resolutions to become better organized? You are not alone. Although just about everyone seems to understand the benefits of being organized, it’s not always easy to figure out just where to start.

Thankfully, January is GO Month! 

What is GO Month?

GO stands for “Get Organized” 

Here are Five Easy Tips to Get You GO-ing in January

  1. Set aside one day a week to map out your entire week.
  2. Use a timer with a soft chime to keep you on task and moving through your to-do list quickly.
  3. Combine like tasks on your to-do list.
  4. Save valuable time in the morning by doing AM tasks the night before: set coffee pots, make lunch, pack bags and picking out clothing for the next day.
  5. Make time for yourself in your daily schedule. Pencil in your Me time or it will not get done.


Lori Bruhns, Everyday Tidy, Raleigh Small Business WomenLori Bruhns
Everyday Tidy, LLC

Lori understands the need for organization and efficiency in making your life run as smoothly as possible. Lori works with individuals and small business throughout North Carolina and across the United States bring order and efficiency to their lives so they can enjoy the things they really love.

As  a  teacher  for  nine  years,  a  mother  to  twin  boys,  and  a  wife, Lori understood the need for organization and efficiency. The more organized she became, the more time and energy she had to enjoy time with her family, her friends and feel more productive at work. She was inspired to start her own personal organizing business, EVERYDAY TIDY LLC, so that she could bring this feeling of organization and empowerment to the people around her.

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