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You’re Doing WHAT? | A New Adventure With Direct Sales

Susan Newman, Jeunesse Global, Vend Raleigh Direct Sales Group LeaderThat’s the question I keep getting…. I have been pretty successful growing my party plan business over the last 4 years. So when I tell people that I am giving it up for something new, they are surprised to say the least.

I want to share my journey with you in hopes that it will inspire you to follow your DREAM no matter what ups and downs you must endure.

In November of 2014 a dear friend and Vend Raleigh Mompreneur, Pam Nogle, shared a video in our Direct Sales group. It was “GoPro Rise of the Entrepreneur” by Eric Worre. It was a very eye opening video about Network Marketing, and how it is a better way. I became addicted to Eric Worre and his YouTube channel and tried so hard to incorporate what he was teaching into my Party Plan business. In some ways it worked, but not the way I need it to. I felt myself being pulled to “The other side”. I began to see a different mentality from Network Marketing, than with party Plan. It is much faster paced, and more business like.   The “PULL” was strong.

Fast Forward to late December when another dear friend and Vend Raleigh Mompreneur, Tracy Bass, asked me to watch a webinar about a new company she had found and wanted my advice. Jeunesse Global believes in helping people look and FEEL younger from the Inside Out! I immediately fell in love with the company and its mission, and the products were quite impressive as well.   I told her to go for it!!

I put her new adventure out of my mind, and went to my Leadership Retreat with my Party Plan Company. I had a great time and came back with a plan to grow big…until I had lunch with Tracy. She was so excited about her new company, and shared more with me about the science behind the products, and the compensation plan. The more I learned, the more I said, “I hate you, HOW am I going to TELL MY HUSBAND??”

I was surprised, but shouldn’t have been; when my husband saw one of the videos and said, “Go for it!” So I did!

Like anyone in the Direct Sales world, I have fears. “What will people think?” “Do I know enough people?” “How will this be any different?” just to name a few…   But I also have BIG DREAMS. I don’t want to have to get a J.O.B., I want to be able to raise my children, I want to be there for my family, I need to pay for Braces, Cars, INSURANCE, College, Weddings, I want the DREAM HOME…. And that wasn’t going to happen where I was. I was making a great income, but it wasn’t enough. I needed a new fire, and I wanted to help more people.

My plans for this business are BIG! We have named our team the Dominators. It started out in jest as Tracy and I would “Check in” where ever we were working and tag each other, posting “Plotting world Domination”.   The Dominators have grown steadily over the last few months.

We are currently gearing up for our “Official Launch” on May 30th. In the mean time we have scheduled 12 “Inner Circle Events” to be held in several areas. These events are designed to help everyone on our team to grow faster. Because of the way our Compensation Plan works, everyone benefits from everyone’s efforts! Tracy has also designed an amazing website for our team to be able to get the information out about our products and business plan without feeling pressure to “close” anyone.

Network Marketing is not about selling, or recruiting. It is about sharing products or services that YOU are passionate about with those that you know will see a difference from using them. The business opportunity is pretty self explanatory after that. We are not getting rich quick, but we are most definitely creating a way for others to live the lives of their dreams. It’s not about the money….I’s about what the money can do.

So WHAT exactly AM I doing?? I am building a team of Individuals that are dedicated to building Leaders and Legacies. Through Training, Support, & Inspiration, I am opening them up to a better way!

To join us at one of our events: Follow our Dominators Page here.

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