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EmilyBrennan-100pxEmily Wood Brennan, Independent Consultant for Arbonne,  has done an outstanding job leading and managing the Vend Raleigh Direct Sales Facebook group, but it’s time for her to give that role to someone else.  We have plenty of talent and passion here so it wasn’t hard to find a new leader, I’m just glad that the woman we asked said yes because I know she is very busy leading and growing her (large) Initials, inc. team.


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Susan Newnam has been very active with Vend Raleigh; attending meetings, active in the Direct Sales Facebook group, and a member of the Vend Raleigh Directory.  I asked her to introduce herself and her business.

I have been married to my Husband and Best Friend for 5 years, and we live in Willow Spring.  I am a “Rockstar” mom of 3 awesome kids, Will (14) Sarah (9) & Addison (2 ½).

I started my Initials, inc. business in May, 2011 and I cannot imagine doing anything else!  It keeps me home with my kids, and it gets me AWAY from them a couple of nights a week too!  That keeps EVERYONE  Happy!  Happy! Happy!  I have a passion for helping other women see their true potential and my business has allowed me to do that!  It has grown faster than I could have imagined and I am excited about where it is going!  I look forward to the interactions and advice that can be shared as we strive to provide better futures for our families!  I am excited to be a part of such a professional group of women!  

You can find and follow Susan Newnam on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her website

While we encourage everyone to stay active on the main Facebook page of Vend Raleigh, there are Facebook subgroups that cater to specific professional categories.  Use the links below to connect with the Facebook group that matches you to Mompreneurs in your line of work.  (These groups are not for promotion but for education and support.)

Thank you Emily for being such a strong leader and for being so loyal to Vend Raleigh!  Susan, welcome!  We are very excited to partner with you!  

New to Vend Raleigh? I’ve updated the About page with steps to help you navigate through all that we have going on.

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