Photographers Tell Their Secrets To Taming Our Unpredictable Kids

When my children were younger, photography appointments were right up there with haircuts and buying shoes, stressful! I went straight to the source to find the secrets to a successful family photo shoot. I asked the Raleigh Mompreneur Professional Photographers group their #1 tip for photographing children. Here’s what they said!

Leah Charbonneau Photography— Patience. And bubbles. Lots of bubbles.

Kimberlee Edwards Life’s Art— Photograph them when they are the happiest. For my kids this is early morning. They’ve slept 10 plus hours and have a full belly of breakfast. I get the best smiles then.

Christina Ward, Copperlight Art
— Follow their lead!

Amanda Kessler, Cloud 9 Designs Photography— Work WITH children, not against them! Make sure they have LOTS of rest, snacks, and favorite toys and/or people around to help them feel comfortable.

Rebecca Ferguson Photography— Be silly!

Kristi Kruse Photography— If I feel like I’m losing the battle I just tell the kids that it’s ok, that I’ll just take mom and dad’s pictures. As soon as I get mom and dad into a pose and telling them how good they look, the kids always run over wanting to be in the picture. Reverse psychology usually works. I also just pretend it’s not a session but we’re off exploring. If I can at least get them interested in something they forget I’m there to take pictures.

Amber Marie Photography— Pactience, Patience, Patience. And silliness!

Thank you photog moms for all your patience while creating beautiful memories for our families!

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