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A note from Cary Heise, founder of Vend Raleigh….

At Vend Raleigh our mission is to keep you in the know with all things small business. Today we are excited to tell you that the Vend Raleigh Blogging Facebook Group will now be the Vend Raleigh New Media Facebook Group. Ashley Shaffer of Today’s NC will be leading that community. Allison Carter has been a long time Vend Raleigh supporter and leader. She’s been leading the bloggers group since the very beginning and she is still very active with Vend as she recently led a blogging/content marketing class for us and was a breakout presenter at Illuminate. Allison isn’t going far. She, along with Vend Raleigh member Nikol Murphy, has started a brand new business: the NC Blogger Network. The NCBN is a place for bloggers across the state to learn, share & collaborate. Alongside the time that requires, she continues to maintain her freelance work and business.


New Media Raleigh What’s New Media?

If you check out the definition of “new media” you will quickly learn that this is a huge catch all term that includes pretty much everything related to the internet. If you post it, tweet it, chat it, email it, YouTube it, or pin it, you are a part of new media. All of these are tools that can help you find new favorites, make new friends, and grow your business.  

Who should be a part of this group?

If you post, tweet, chat, email, video, or pin anything about your business. 




More about Ashley….

Todays NC, Ashley ShafferI had blogged for years: connected with brands, launched campaigns, and traveled on press trips. It was wonderful, and gave me opportunities I could have never dreamed of. But still, there was something missing. I was ready for something else. I was finally living in the area I wanted to call home and there were so many things around me just waiting to be written. It was time to launch my own gig. After planning and prepping, Today’s NC went live, my local to the Triangle lifestyle blog.

I had a product, and was like a new parent. I wanted to tell everyone about it but was also ready to soak in some information. I knew I wanted to connect with others starting businesses, trying to do it all, and sharing resources. That’s how I stumbled across Vend Raleigh and the Vend Raleigh Blogger Group.

A network of women connecting, networking, and promoting each other? Whoever came up with this idea, was onto something good. I knew I wanted to be involved. I wanted to share what I could and take in all that this group had to offer. Lucky for me, I actually got to meet Cary at a blogging conference that we both attended. Sure we had tweeted and Facebooked, but now we were live and in person! On top of photo ops at some magically themed parties, we had actual conversations about business, a definite shared passion.

Ashley Shaffer, Today's NC, Raleigh Small Business Women

Now, I can announce that I am a part of Vend Raleigh in an exciting way. I will be leading the Vend Raleigh Blogger/New Media Group. Cary and I are both excited about how we can all use this group to promote and grow our businesses. I’ve been blogging and social media-ing for years, but I’ve never been in charge of my own blog and my own business. This puts me in the perfect place to help find resources, start conversations, and figure out what we need to grow. I want to know as much as I can about new media, and I want you to know it too. In the past, this has always been a group labeled as and focused on blogging, but there are so many facets that make up the blogosphere.

So my fellow mompreneurs, my name is Ashley B. Shaffer. I am the owner/editor at Today’s NC. I am a freelance writer. I am proudly a member of the Vend Raleigh Directory Community. I am excited to get to know you and grow our businesses together.


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