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Last week we partnered with Vend Raleigh Photographers who went out to local non-profits to capture a few images of each organization. We posted those images and details about the different non-profits on Facebook and Instagram. Below is a collection of images and more information about each non-profit and the photographers who helped capture a glimpse into a day with each group.

A special thank you to Jill Denbow of Elements in Focus for her work on this project.

Transforming Hope exists to transform the world by offering hope to those exploited by domestic human trafficking. We accomplish this vision through education, prevention, and restoration in our local communities. Transforming Hope was founded on November 20, 2010 by our Director, Abbi Tenaglia. Having been through her own journey of exploitation, abuse, addiction, and finally restoration and freedom, she desires to equip those who have been commercially exploited through domestic human trafficking with the skills to avoid vulnerability to being re-exploited as well as to help them understand their true value only found in Christ, to experience true freedom in this life and beyond.

Currently, Transforming Hope focuses on equipping professionals on the “front lines”, who may be working with potentially exploited individuals but need extra training to spot them and respond effectively. Transforming Hope works with youth to equip and empower them to avoid vulnerability to human trafficking, as well as other forms of unhealthy and exploitative relationships. Our director also sits on several task force committees to help build relationships in the local community with other organizations working with high risk populations. Later this year, we will aid in opening Durham’s first emergency shelter specifically for trafficked individuals.

Transforming Hope needs volunteers for local mission’s trips starting on June 25th. They need monthly donors and one time donors for upcoming new projects in partnership with other local organizations. They have a wish list on their website that gets changed as we have new needs.

Transforming Hope Ministries
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Brittany Blake Photography
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LI-Vend-InstagramLemonade International, based in downtown Raleigh, exists to partner with local leaders as they facilitate community development programs in solidarity with the people of La Limonada in Guatemala City.

Considered a Zona Roja (“Red Zone”), a designation given to Guatemala City’s poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods, the ravine is now home to 60,000 people and is considered the largest urban slum in Central America.

Over many years, a sub-culture of extreme poverty has taken root in La Limonada, leading to a lack of education and job opportunities and unsustainable living conditions, including a lack of access to running water and electricity in some cases.  La Limonada consists of ten neighborhoods ruled by rival gangs who have also instilled a deep-seated culture of fear.

While there is much darkness in La Limonada, there is also much beauty for those who have eyes to see. In the Book of Acts we read that Jesus commissioned his followers to go as his witnesses to “the ends of the earth”—to places like La Limonada where most people refuse to go.

Lemonade International funds academies, scholarship programs, business incubators, and community relief efforts in this very special district of Guatemala City.

Photographer, Em Grey Sexton – My husband and I have been longtime supporters of Lemonade International and have traveled to Guatemala City several times over the years to see their good work in action.  Through the profits from my photography business, we sponsor a child named Jasmine, who is currently in the scholars program, as well as Yoli, the staff member that oversees the scholars program.  We love sharing about Jasmine and Yoli (both super inspiring ladies!) with our clients.

I was told that by the last day of walking the streets of La Limonada, all we would smell was hope—and that was so true. From the largest urban slum in Central America, hope is colored with crayons in the academies, hope is tied in a bow on a newly created shoe at a business incubator’s workshop, and hope is transferred from the loving grasp from a Lemonade International friend during a home visit. Despite underlying themes of sexual abuse, gang violence, and darkness, HOPE overcomes.

Lemonade International
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Em Grey Photography
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The V Foundation, Vend RaleighThe V Foundation is the brainchild of former NC State coach Jim Valvano and ESPN.  During the final weeks of his struggle with cancer, Coach Valvano announced the creation of The V Foundation during his moving acceptance speech of the Arthur Ashe Award at the 1993 ESPY Awards.  Since it’s creation, The V Foundation has donated more than $150 million dollars to cancer research, including $20 million in 2015.  Not confined to specific cancer institutes, The V foundation funds the best of the best cutting edge research for various types of cancers.  The Foundation’s elite, volunteer Scientific Advisory Committee carefully reviews proposals from the best cancer research institutes around the country in order to provide funding to the most advanced research and to develop up-and-coming scientific and medical talent.  Due to a generous endowment, one hundred percent of all donations to The V Foundation reach scientists and other specialists.  This is a critical time for cancer research.  The V Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer and keeping the spirit of Coach Valvano alive.

The V Foundation’s monthly giving program enables a donor to give in smaller amounts more often, allowing a donation to be included in monthly budgets.  For the association, it allows a continuous flow of research money throughout the year.  Because one hundred percent of your donation will be going to cancer research, you can rest assured that your money will be going toward the ongoing search for a cure for this disease that affects so many people.

The V Foundation
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Aurora D Photography
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Children's Flight of Hope, Vend RaleighChildren’s Flight of Hope is an organization devoted to improving the lives of seriously ill and injured children through providing free air transportation to and from medical facilities.  Due to medical, financial, or logistical reasons, these children and their families may not benefit from the amazing care of specialists, nurses, and hospital staff. CFOH provides services quickly and efficiently, but seeks to do so in a way that brings peace and comfort to families in turmoil. Rather than just an air transportation service for our clients, we become a component of the child’s overall treatment plan. And, for those families who do not meet our criteria, we strive to connect them with resources who can best help with their requests. Every aspect of the daily business at CFOH is dedicated to the children, raising support from our amazing donors and securing transportation for our most precious travelers.

Children’s Flight of Hope is currently being sponsored by the Leesville Rd. High School Girls Soccer Team. They are taking donations for every goal scored this season to benefit those children in need of life saving treatments far away from home. If you would like to participate in the fundraising efforts of the soccer team and their Goals for Hope campaign, please follow the link Goals for Hope

From the photographer, Chelsea Salinas: After learning about Children’s Flight of Hope, I was inspired by their mission: helping seriously ill children and their families all around the country secure transportation to premiere hospitals. However, it wasn’t until I met Raegan, and her biggest supporters, the Leesville Rd. H.S. girls soccer team that I witnessed what a true gift CFOH provides. Raegan has received treatments to improve her kidney function and in just a short period of time has shot up two clothes sizes, two shoe sizes and gained 15 lbs. It’s the specialized treatment these children receive from amazing doctors and nurses, the incredible organizational effort from CFOH and the continued love and support of the community and their parents, all in partnership together that is so inspiring!

Children’s Flight of Hope
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Roots and Wings Images
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Help One Now, Vend RaleighBased in downtown Raleigh, Help One Now is a catalytic tribe committed to empowering and resourcing high-capacity local leaders who care for orphans and vulnerable children in order to transform communities and break the cycle of extreme poverty.

Help One Now:

  • rescues orphans who have been abandoned
  • prevents slavery and strives to free those who are enslaved
  • cares for vulnerable children so that they don’t become orphaned

All of this is done through empowering local leaders (Haitian & African) through friendship and partnership.  They work with leaders who are already working effectively in their respective communities.  These leaders are friends and partners in the fight against extreme poverty.  They are their greatest resource, and without them, sustainable change is impossible.

When Help One Now’s leaders have economic capital to move forward, it alleviates the stress and pressure of their daily needs that often weight them down.  Help One Now believes that the best use of the energy of their local leaders is for them to focus on the big picture of the long-term needs of their communities.

From the photographer, Em Grey Sexton: It’s the clothing lines that get me every time.  The tiny socks tied on to dry.  The school uniforms waving in the wind.  There are signs of progress and promise in Haiti when you look at the face of a child able to attend school.  One little 5 year old kiddo at a Help One Now funded kid’s home told me this week he dreamed of being an engineer.  These kids.  They are full of hope and drive.

Taking the road less traveled has introduced me to so many incredible people, including the local leaders in Haiti with which Help One Now partners.  If you ever get down about the state of the world, hear this truth: change makers are out there making good things happen.  They may not have the loudest voice.  They will probably never be famous.  But I’ve seen them drive more positive change that we could ever dream possible.  Be encouraged!

Help One Now
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Em Grey Photography
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Caring Connections Ministry, Vend RaleighCaring Connections Ministry is an organization that strives to help Women of the Triangle break free from the cycle of poverty by equipping them with life and job skills, encourage them to make informed decisions, pair them with a mentor who will support and guide them through life’s hardships, help connect them to community resources and – most importantly – pray for them.

Caring Connections Ministry is designed to show women how much their life matters to our team of women and to Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that all of Caring Connections’ women will feel loved, hopeful and excited to start a new journey to self-sufficiency, success, and in living a life of purpose and meaning.

Nichole Lynn Photography and Caring Connections teamed up to help these women to see their beauty, both inside and outside, and to help them in an area that many women struggle with… their self-image. We choose to celebrate these women and the journey that they are on to live healthier more abundant lives.

If you would like to help these women on their journey Caring Connections is always looking for speakers at their classes and workshops. They are particularly interested in hosting speakers on the topics of health and wellness, financial wellness, and anything pertaining job skills. They are also always in need of female, Christian mentors to partner with the women in their programs. For more information, please call 919-231-3995 ext. 109 or send an email to: cynthia@caringconnectionsministry.com. Visit them at www.caringconnectionsministry.com

Caring Connections Ministry

Nichole Lynn Photography
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