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Raleigh Relaxation Massage for Moms | It’s time for you to be cared for!

Raleigh Relaxation Massage, Soothing Space MassageBeing a Mom is the most rewarding {and challenging} job in the world.

We’re generally nurturers by nature. And we’re sometimes giving, giving, giving to the point of almost giving out.

We want to be all things to all people and be the best wife and Mom we can possibly be. So we’re overextending ourselves to the point of overwhelm. We’re feeling exhausted, worn down and stressed out. And it’s become a continual cycle.

We just figure this is the way it’s supposed to be. And that it’ll probably be this way till the kids leave the house and go off to college.


Does it need to be like this?

But isn’t motherhood a time to enjoy? Isn’t it a time to slow down, to stop and smell the roses and to truly enjoy these precious moments?

I know that sounds easier said than done! Especially in our culture, where “doing” and achieving has trumped the need to care for our mind, body and souls. And as a society, we’re unfortunately paying the price.

But Mothers around the world are starting to take a stand for doing things differently. Many are realizing that the current mentality and pace isn’t serving anyone any good and she doesn’t want to be the “Frazzled Mom” anymore.

They’re realizing that being a Mom is awesome! But when they put their needs on the back burner and don’t take care of themselves, they deplete their “Awesomeness Reserves.” So they’re more likely to be tired, irritable and easily frustrated. Their battery runs down and they have no more of themselves to give.

What happens when we put “first things first?”

When we start to carve out time for ourselves (more sleep, relaxation, healthy foods, exercise) we’re better equipped to be the Mom we want to be.

All the responsibilities, laundry, homework and cooking will still be there, but we feel more capable for the challenge. We have more energy, clarity and joy to bring to our role. We feel as if we can get more done with less time.

And it’s always amazing how when we put “first things first,” there seems to be MORE time for everything else.

It’s so much more than a luxury!

Some might love the thought of a massage, but they think it’s a luxury.

But this isn’t an impulse purchase you’re making at Target. It’s an investment and a commitment to taking care of yourself, so you don’t burn out. It’s a commitment to your longevity. And it’s a reward to your family.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “happy wife, happy life.” And there’s such truth to that. Most times, the Mom sets the tone for the family and the household environment.

We can either be overwhelmed by that responsibility, or be excited by it.

We can either keep on doing what we’ve been doing, or take a stand for our health, sanity and joy.

And we can either let the busyness of life wear us down, or we can adjust our priorities.

It’s an investment in our future!

What if you could:
• Have more energy throughout your entire day
• Get a more restful, deep night’s sleep?
• Have a greater sense of “calm?”
• Strengthen your immune system to resist illness?
• Have a healthy glow?
• Increase your patience and ability to “go with the flow?”
• Have more mental clarity and feel more on top of your game?
• Increase your flexibility and relax your muscles?
• Expand your range of motion?

Soothing Relaxation Massage for Moms

From one Mom to another, come and enjoy this healing, restorative time. It’s time for the nurturer to be nurtured!

You’ll be supported from beginning to end with a relaxing massage experience created to melt your stress and give you the space to center and renew yourself.

As you’re enjoying the extra added benefits of the massage {the increased “happy chemicals” of serotonin, endorphins and dopamine}, you’ll end with a soothing cup of warm tea. {It’s a red tea, great for after a relaxing massage} and some chocolate.

Raleigh area moms, schedule your appointment here. Or if you’d like to chat first, you can easily contact me by email, through the website, or (919) 228-9795.

I’m also expanding the list of Mom-Centric resource providers; from chiropractors, to support groups, if you’re dedicated to helping local Mom’s renew themselves as they take care of their world, let’s connect with each other.

Again, congratulations on taking the time to take care of You!


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