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As part of my consulting Mompreneurs with their online business presence, I’m always looking at website components that are must haves and encourage clients to review other websites (competitors and businesses that are not) to find the style that suits their brand, speaks to their audience and would effectively sell their product or service. Here is a friend’s website that I use as a referral often, Lily Bloom Studio, abandoned after the her last blog about her new project- blue prints for a new home. No surprise, a big creative job there! At any rate, this website is a great visual for many reasons. Let’s look at it together!

Raleigh Small Business Website Example 

      • Aesthetically I love the clean but fun background (gray/ polkadots). It allows for colorful product images and DIY projects to really POP!
      • I LOVE that (playful) headshot on the homepage, and that it is a professional shot! There is also has a professional family shot on the About page.
      • Social media buttons are right on the top and easy to spot.  (Are yours on the bottom of your homepage? Move them up!) There are only two, Facebook and Pinterest, and that’s okay! Be honest with yourself and didn’t bring on additional social media platforms you can’t commit to keeping updated. 
      • This homepage is an entrance into two websites really. You can leave the homepage and go to the blog, or go directly to the Etsy shop.
      • Blogging a great way to refresh content (great for SEO). Blogging also opens marketing avenues such as DIY linky parties, featuring guest bloggers, invite new readers/fans to the blog in hopes they will shop, etc.
      • Two things I would add to this site are a very obvious email sign up image/invite (offering an opt in gift or not) and a custom favicon for the tab.

Raleigh Small Business Website Tips
Raleigh Small Business Website Tips

Raleigh Small Business Website Widgets

Check out this sidebar!

The top image features a new or seasonal item. The image has a website address, perfect if someone were to pin it on Pinterest!

The next image is rotating Instagram photo widget, a great visual element! This is great for a business Instagram account! Instagram makes it so easy to quickly take and upload shots of creative work life and personal life. This widget is a great way to give some personality and brand the page!

The next widget is a recommend block that is also rotating. I think these images come from Amazon. Photos shown here are everything from cowboy boots to car seats. Again, another great way to brand a website and connect with clients, the demographic here is specifically crafty, stylish moms of young children.












Raleigh Small Business Website TipsLet’s talk product photos. The product photo backgrounds are consistent which is great for an Etsy shop and this top image shows some create product photography. The gray chevron is fun and compliments the background of the whole website and allows for those colors of the skirt to again, POP! That’s a simple shot with simple props, but makes a big and fun statement.








Keep in mind, websites are always a work in progress. They are never “complete”. If you are a perfectionist, don’t wait for your site to be finished, it won’t happen! For those that have a website up, what changes or updates does this review inspire you to make on your website? What are things that you like or would change on this website?

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