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While Vend Raleigh is a professional group, Vend gets personal.  It’s personal to me and that’s really how it started, connecting the inspirational women in my life, the women I meet through business. Who knew that two years into Vend I’d be doing international mission work with women I meet right here. This April, I’m traveling with several Vend Raleigh Mompreneurs. We are packing up sewing machines and taking them to Belize. We’ve been asked to help some women there start their own businesses!  Someone please pinch me, this life is unreal! (You are going to see lots of this in Vend this year: #success #inspire #bizEmom.)

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Here’s what’s cool.  It’s not just me! Read what other Vend Raleigh Mompreneurs have to say about Vend getting personal…

Vend Raleigh has been a huge help for me on a business and personal level. My business is all about Moms. Therefore, Vend Raleigh helps me network with moms who not only are my target market, but are also business owners I want to be partners with in helping them grow their businesses through opportunities I can provide them with Macaroni Kid South Raleigh. On a personal level, Vend Raleigh has helped me grow my group of friends. I was born and raised in Durham. So, when it comes to just about anything, I had it covered. However, I moved to South Wake a little over a year ago and I am about to have my first and only child enter the school system. Therefore, if it were not for the friendships I have created with Vend Raleigh members, I would be lost on what doctors, dentists, schools, home repair companies, etc (the list could go on) I should look for. It is pretty cool to be able to call another Vend Raleigh member and in the same conversation talk about a promotions for their business and talk about what track out camps they plan to send their kids to this summer!

-Kristin Loy, Macaroni Kid Triangle 

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Kristin’s passion for Vend sparked this year long Vend Raleigh Mompreneur feature at Macaroni Kid! Follow those articles here! Photo by Hanner Studios


I found Vend Raleigh about two and a half years ago after our newborn photographer sent me a link to the Etsy subgroup for my JILLry business. I was instantly impressed with the business community of Vend. What is even more wonderful is the added bonus…. the people. Sometimes you meet someone you just click with…. I have met some amazing, life changing women through my involvement with Vend. I have no doubt that without our wonderful photographer reaching out to me to invite me to the group, I have some amazing friends that I would have never met! I love feeling the sense of community within the Vend group, but more importantly are the amazing women who make up the group. …which is clearly a testament to the amazing woman who started the group (and those who help it run smooth).I am thankful for the opportunity to work with and know such amazing women and so blessed to call many my friends.

-Jill Markijohn, Handmade JILLry


When I decided to go to my first Vend Raleigh meeting, I had no idea that the women I met that fateful night would play such a huge role in every aspect of my life. Through Vend I found new friends. Friends that have pushed, supported, brainstormed, cheered and cried with me. We have helped each other out when learning a new skill, sharing that small information nugget that opens the gates of success and chatted about family. The have helped me stay the course on my vision and supported me when I changed my path. They gave me the courage to try a new church, one where I feel at home. I am encouraged to serve the community since there is always someone doing so. They have made the journey as an entrepreneur and Mom a lot less lonely, and a lot less scary journey. I do not want to imagine my life without my Vend ladies.
-Nikol Murphy, Mom Complicated 
Tell us, how has Vend gotten personal with you?
Want to get better connected to Vend!  Join us for events!  Want to know more about mission work? Please email me! 

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  1. How fabulous! I had no idea you were going there to help women start their own businesses! What a fabulous mission trip and one that will make such a difference!

  2. It’s exciting to read how everyone is connected and how God has brought all of us together for one reason or another!

    Nicole Hanner
    Newborn, Child & Portrait Photography

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