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Smart. And other words like Boring, Balance, Buzz and Fan…

Friends, can I be honest with you?

Three out of the next 4 weeks are all about me. My faith, my business and well, just me. This weekend is Type A Con in Atlanta, in two weeks I’m all about Vend Raleigh’s Illuminate, and then a faith based conference at the beach with 100 of my Beach Besties.

I felt so guilty when I was making all of those plans but now I am jumping off the walls with excitement and I cannot wait to get on the plane tonight and get this started! (Mompreneurs, guilt is BORING and a drag. Don’t do that.) The peace came to me last night on my date with the hubs. I made time for him before I take off, got the kids settled and everyone respects that I need time to work on myself as a woman, and a business owner. (Read (the overused word): Balance)

I’m headed to Type A Parent blogging conference tonight for 4 days with a handful of Vend friendly bloggers. I can’t wait to see what I learn! Everyone is a BUZZ connecting pre-conference on Twitter and I’m making friends before we even meet face to face. This feels like success. I’m thinking about what Illuminate can be for you, and that also feels like success. A Smart choice.

That’s my message for you today. Smart. We are Smart women, building Smart businesses and we are connected to this Smart group of encouraging and inspiring business-minded moms here at Vend Raleigh. It makes you feel like you can travel the WORLD with them! (Oh wait, that is actually true.) 

There are women on the Illuminate committee that I am a FAN of, not just a friend of, a FAN of. When these girls (women) want to work with me I am flattered, because they are Smart. They are brilliant in their work. They are particular about who they work with. They are prepared to do the best job for the name, the brand, of Vend Raleigh. That means you. You are Vend Raleigh. (You- Tracy, Jessica, Beth, Allie, Erin, Zakiya….) 

What do these women on the committee have that you don’t? Not one thing. You are motivated, creative, inspirational, and Smart. We want to grow with you. We want to be your business partners. We see your potential and your influence. We want to make Smart choices with you.

Don’t miss Illuminate. This is the Smart conference choice for Raleigh area Small Business Women. Photographers to Direct Sales, this is for you, created by women like you, who are inspired and encouraged by you. 

Register today.

Follow me on Twitter this weekend at @vendraleigh and @athomerockstarfrom #typeacon. And start talking with Vend Raleigh Mompreneurs about Illuminate now using hashtags #VendRaleigh #Illuminate14.

I’m excited about your business.

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