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Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel

Before I even answer that question, I’ll pose a couple for you…

1.) Have you ever done a search for information within YouTube?

2.) Have you ever done a Google search & clicked on a YouTube link that popped up in your search results?

Why should I have a YouTube channel?

Chances are, you probably answered YES to both questions.  YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine out there-  processing more than 3 billion searches a month (that’s more than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined!).  The biggest search engine, Google, actually owns YouTube- and Google LOVES YouTube.  YouTube videos will appear in many Google search results- especially those involving how to’s, reviews and tutorials (topics PERFECT for entrepreneurs striving to get exposure to their products or services).  Searchers love YouTube as well- they’re more likely to click on video thumbnails among the search results listed.

Given the huge popularity of YouTube and the increasing relevance of video in search results, I think the bigger question to ask yourself is why shouldn’t you start a YouTube channel?

So what’s holding you back from establishing a presence on YouTube? Not quite sure what you need to know before starting? Are you afraid of negative comments?  Are you lacking the confidence to give a face & voice to your brand? Do you feel overwhelmed over the process- getting ideas for content, creating scripts and editing videos?

I get it. I’ve been there.  Since starting my own YouTube channel Coach Petrina Hamm back in September of 2011, I’ve learned a LOT from trial & error, feedback and really digging in to every piece of information I could get my hands on to help me turn my once itty bitty channel  with (I’ve gotta be honest here) badly produced videos into a lead generating, fitness empowering, valuable content providing and, well, FUN place to be and it’s paid off.  I’ve built up my email list, increased my customer base and even helped build a bigger team (a huge plus for us network marketers).  I’ve grown from 0 to nearly 1000 subscribers and went from a handful of views my first month to now averaging about 5000 views per week.   

If you’re a Mompreneur who’s been afraid of jumping onto the YouTube bandwagon or someone who’s started a YouTube channel but hasn’t really known what to do with it to better optimize your video content, I hope you’ll join me at the upcoming Illuminate conference on October 3rd.  I’ll be leading a breakout session on Growing  Your Business Through YouTube and sharing my best tips & practices for building your own powerful YouTube domain.  Do you have your ticket yet? I hope to see you there!

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