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Start Up Money… and Husbands | For the Raleigh Mompreneur

start up money and family finance small businessOften times mompreneurs will use family money to start their businesses. Whether you are purchasing a start up kit for a new direct sales business or creating an online shop, you may need some financial support to get started and you’ll likely need and want the financial and emotioanl support of your husband to do so.

It was creating my second business when I learned a lot about the level of financial risk that I was comfortable and the level of financial risk my husband was comfortable with. We were at far extremes. Creating an online shop required a website, inventory and marketing pieces. I had a start up amount in mind, and he had another, a much lower one.


Take Ownership

I learned to work in the financial boundaries my husband and I agreed on in the very beginning and I never revisited the conversation again. If he was comfortable with a start up total of $5000 for inventory, when it came time to reorder, I stayed at or under that amount. My advice is keep communication clear. Avoid going back and forth with your husband about purchases or further investments. Take the agreed upon total that you will use for your start up and create a business account. At this point, you know the clear financial boundaries to work in.

Is your husband a business partner or your CFO? If not, then run your business like the boss you are. If your husband is more of a business partner, be very clear what his role is. This might vary depending in how supportive he is about your new business.


Entrepreneurs are risk takers. You are. Is he?

If you are married to someone that is not a risk taker, take this into consideration when starting a new business.

There may be many reasons for the lack of support from a spouse to start a business. How much money will be invested? How much can we afford to lose? What’s your track record for starting businesses? How much of your time will now be taken away from him and your family to be successful? Could he be envious that you’ve found something you’re passionate about and get this opportunity to live it out?

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How to Begin the Start Up Conversation

Business proposals shouldn’t be part of dinner conversation. Plan a business meeting with your husband like you would with a client.  (Please, without the distraction of children.) Have a business plan prepared with a clear outline of what your product is, who your customer is, when business will get done (maybe when home responsibilities will be done), how business expenses will be paid and when you will get paid.

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Sometimes business with husbands is easy and exciting. Sometimes we find ourselves in sticky conversations and not going where we want to go as fast as we want to get there. When diving into business, be patient and open to advice from your husband. Find the common ground where everyone can be happy and comfortable.

Every couple and every situation is different. This is my general advice for getting the start up funds conversation going at your home. We want to hear your experience with family finances and start up money for your business. Comment below!


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  1. This is such great advice. This was a really touchy subject in our family. I refuse to go into debt for a business and my husband is so thrifty and wanted us to keep every penny I made, so it was really hard. Once we decided on a percentage that my family kept and a family that my business kept, it was so freeing. As long as I can pay for something with my business account, he doesn’t care.

    1. Author

      Sounds like you found a great meeting spot for business finance over there! Glad you found the right fit for both of you

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