Strategies for Balancing Life at Home

Wow, I can’t believe we are halfway through our year-long SuperMoms Anonymous series! I hope everyone has found at least one or two tips that you have put to good use in your own struggle for work/life balance.

This month is all about getting more control over your home life. As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I get asked all the time how I do it all. The short answer is, I don’t! But by putting some systems and routines into place, I do feel like I can breathe a little easier at the end of each day.

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Become a clutter cop
Invest some time in de-cluttering your home. Make sure everything has a specific place it belongs…if not, it’s out. Create a nightly routine where everyone in the family pitches in to put items away. While you’re at it, stop junk from coming into the house in the first place by opting out of direct mail and credit card offers, and even unsubscribing to email newsletters. Having less stuff means less to maintain and clean. And less stuff to dig through next time Little Sally loses your keys! 

Set up a weekly cleaning & laundry schedule
Whether you clean a little every day or save it all for Saturday mornings, having a weekly routine when it comes to laundry and housekeeping is a real sanity saver. Just imagine, no more stinky soccer socks being dug out from the hamper fifteen minutes before the game! (Housekeeping is a GREAT area to outsource, by the way!)

Everyone can pitch in
Chores aren’t just for earning pocket money. Kids feel important when they know they’re a valued, contributing member of the household. Everyone can and should pitch in with household tasks. After dinner at our house, for example, my husband washes the dishes and our girls alternate clearing and wiping the table with swiffering the hardwood floors.

Keep a family calendar
Organize each family member’s appointments and extracurricular activities on one central calendar that everyone can see. Just knowing who needs to be where at what time is half the battle. (Make sure to include time for yourself!) 

Bring it back to your values again
One of our family values is “Experiences over Things.” We value spending time together over buying all the “stuff” that eventually turns into clutter anyway. Experiences don’t have to be fancy trips or expensive activities; some of our favorites are taking walks and hikes, looking at old photos, or watching America’s Funniest Home Videos on TV. 

I would love to hear what you do at home to bring some balance to your busy days! Leave a comment and share your own tips! You may see them featured in a future SuperMoms Anonymous post.

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Christy Johnson has two amazing little girls and a rock of a handsome hubby. She photographs Raleigh’s most adorable families and blogs her photography work and personal stories at Be True Image Design. Email her with your own struggles and triumphs with work/life balance at


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