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Ten Tips to Make Your Disney Trip Magical

It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to spend the morning last week with Vend Raleigh moms talking about Disney!  I know it’s a super busy time of year with Mothers Day, Teacher Appreciation and end of school year (oh how can it be) activities gearing up so I wanted to take a minute and share some of my top Disney tips for those of you who couldn’t make it.  So here are ten tips to help make your Disney trip even more magical:
1.  Use a Disney Travel Agent – of course I’d love to the one to help you and I’m a little biased since it’s my job but it can make your trip so much easier.  An authorized Disney vacation planner has been through special training from Disney and knows the ins and outs of the parks and resorts.   They get paid by Disney so their services are FREE.  At my agency we will make dining reservations for you and we will keep searching for discounts for you up until you travel.  
2.  Plan Your Trip – You are spending your hard earned money on this trip so I encourage you to have some kind of plan going in.  Some people like to plan down to the minute where as others like to generally have an idea of what they are going to do when they get there.  I think you have to find what works for your family but have some sort of plan, even if that plan is we’re winging it when we get there.


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3.  Comfortable Shoes – This may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised!  Make sure everyone traveling with you has comfortable shoes – you’re going to be logging a lot of miles on your feet during the course of your trip so make sure everyone is comfortable. 
4.  A Well Stocked Park Bag – You want to make sure you have your mini-pharmacy (pain relief – adult and kid, first aid supplies, Pepto, allergy meds, sunscreen), Ziplocks or grocery bags (wet or soiled clothes), ponchos (get them from the dollar store or Target) and perhaps a change of clothes for the kids. 
5.  Rest Time – Disney is exhausting…mentally and physically.  I suggest you build some down time into your trip.  Some families like to take a mid day break daily.  My family likes to take a whole day off in the middle of the trip.  But for everyone’s sanity take some rest – it is vacation after all!
6.  Bring Souvenirs From Home – You will see countless gift shops around the theme parks and of course your kids are going to want something.  However, there are deals to be had around town for Disney merchandise.  Bring some goodies from home to cut down on how much you buy at the parks.  One client had a great idea – Tinkerbell comes each night after the kids go to bed and leaves goodies.  You can find great stuff at Disneystore.com, Target and Michael’ before you leave home. 
7.  Bring Your Own Snacks – You can bring a small cooler into the parks.  Bring some water (all the resort rooms have mini fridges) and snacks from home.  It’s especially helpful if you are waiting in line and your preschooler just “can’t wait another minute” to eat. 
8.  Strollers – If you use a stroller bring a ribbon to “label” your stroller.  Someone at Disney will have the exact same stroller as you and in the sea of strollers yours will be much easier to find if you have a bright ribbon tied around the handle.  Also, the cast members move strollers around quite frequently to make room so yours might not be in the same location you left it in.  I encourage this if you rent one too. 

9.  Kids – Label them or Match them or photograph them at each park entrance and teach them what to do if they get separated from you.  If they do get separated from you and you have a picture of what they are wearing that day then you don’t have to remember what they were wearing and you can show those around you the picture.  Hopefully it won’t happen but best to be prepared just in case. 

10.  Penny Press – There are penny presses all around the parks.  It can be fun, “cheap” souvenir – they cost $.50 plus the penny. 

I look forward to working with more Vend Raleigh moms in the future!
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