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February Twitter Challenge

twitterYou’ve heard of a 30 day blog challenge, right? How hard is that?! Well, I won’t ask you to do that (yet), but I will ask you to join me in a TWITTER challenge! Starting TOMORROW, February 1, we are Tweeting all month! Twitter can be lonely…. and lonely is not fun. ((crickets)) If we all get on there together, it will be FUN! And you’ll build your followers, you’ll start REAL interactions, and BUILD YOUR BRAND!

I keep a Twitter list of Vend Raleigh Mompreneurs. The list is long, but the tweeting is little.  Makes me sad. I’m literally searching YOU out to talk about “stuff” (stuff means YOUR BIZ), but you aren’t around. Below is a screenshot, see the many duplicate handles?

vend twitter list


I hear you, “But I don’t know HOW to use Twitter!” Click THIS LINK to take you to a Vend Twitter How To. Come on! Let’s stumble through this together!  I’ll give tips all month to help you spruce things up.  

FIRST TIP– If this is your business Twitter account, get a Twitter handle (name) that reflects your biz! So not your nickname and the year you were born- snuggles78. No! Like mine, @athomerockstar, @SButterfliesNC, @VendRaleigh.  You get it right?  Great!  Start there!

SECOND TIP– Throw in the hashtag #vendraleigh on any tweet you want us to find. We can search all your #vendraleigh tweets!  And guess what, we are going to talk with you!! 

THIRD TIP– What in the WORLD are you going to Tweet about?!

  • News (nothing political or controversial, unless that’s what you do)
  • Kids back in school!  
  • Questions (personal or prefessional)
  • New items, hot or not?
  • Share blog posts
  • Share someone else’s blog post!
  • Pictures 
  • Your new Pin on Pinterest
  • Your next event!
  • Say hello and comment on another #vendraleigh Tweet! (and follow that person!)

You get the idea right?  And we are going to chime in with, I LOVE that new spring skirt! Or, Amen! The kids are back in school! Or, Thank you for sharing that post, I needed that encouragement today.

Okay, get to work. I’ll see you on Twitter tomorrow, or today if you’re quick like that. Tweet ya later!

PS If you want to tweet right at me, start your tweet with @VendRaleigh.  I’ll be your Holla Back Girl.

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