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Too Valuable To Miss | Business Studio Event

Leading Raleigh Business Women

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There is still space in the Vend Raleigh Business Studio workshop on October 22- and there shouldn’t be! The time to sit with other Mompreneurs and talk about your business is very valuable. The video below will give you to set up of the meeting but let me tell you the conversations that come from mastermind sessions like this!

Some examples of how peer coaching has helped me recently… A fellow Mompreneur was honest about the number of clicks she had to make to get to a simple detail about an event. No way! I don’t want anyone lost on my website! Another coaching meeting I came to see a very important page on the website that was totally boring – and people were bouncing from it when I need them to stay there!

Examples from the past Business Studio event….

  • One participant got the same questions over and over from clients. Our group explained to her what canned responses or canned emails were and eliminated her having to type out the same emails over and over again. We also suggested a FAQ page on her site (everyone should have this- great for SEO!). There were some money making opportunities in her business that she wasn’t seeing and we helped her create a new package to offer her clients!
  • One local business owner has a monster of a website and many people to communicate information with. She was swept up and confused with all her clients telling her different opinions. I believe the group empowered her to stick with the communication plan the business owners created.
  • An online retailer took a whole different turn to her demographic! Rather than selling to the general public, she started to create a business model that was business to business. 

These are exciting realizations! These opportunities to watch women grow in their business are inspiring! You’ll leave with wheels spinning and ready to make some big and small changes to your biz. 

Here’s how the meeting is set up….  


Save your spot here. Join us for the second Business Studio event on Wednesday, October 22, 9am – 12pm. 

Photo by Amy Hill of 627 Photography 

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