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Vend Raleigh Changed Me. Then I Changed It!

Exciting News for Vend Raleigh Mompreneurs with Online and Brick and Mortar Retail Shops

Vend Raleigh RetailersIn the beginning…

When I started my business several years ago I didn’t know where to start because, after all, I never set out to be a business owner.  I had 1000 questions but didn’t think that I knew anyone that had the answers I was looking for and I didn’t want to be a bother.  So I just kind of went about my days seeking help through Google and often getting frustrated.  

I sold some stuff to friends.  Then they started giving my name to their friends and I got busier.  People liked the items I was making and that gave me the courage to open a shop on Etsy.  But I still felt like I was on an island. And I didn’t know if I was doing anything ‘right’.  I was making a little money but I still considered this to be a hobby – not a business.  

Then the most amazing thing happened!   

I got an e-mail saying that a friend added me to a group on Facebook.  I’d never heard of Vend Raleigh before but it said it was for MOMS (that’s definitely me) that own a business (maybe me??)!  So I introduced myself and was quickly invited to join the Etsy Group! 

Through Vend Raleigh I become a part of a wonderful network of moms with all sorts of businesses that were happy to answer questions, give advice, and offer encouragement right when I need it for my Etsy business.  I always knew where to go first if I wanted to see if other people were having similar issues or to celebrate a milestone.  And then it began to feel like home!   

Fast Forward 

But as my business has grown, I’ve made some changes that don’t just involve Etsy anymore.  I’ve started an independent online store through Shopify and quickly realized that I had a lot of questions that weren’t Etsy related and I didn’t really have a group where I could ask those questions. I was starting to feel like I was back to where I started; back on an island, of sorts.

Ask and You Shall Receive

I took my concerns to Cary Heise, Founder and Owner of Vend Raleigh.  I explained that, for the first time in over two years, I didn’t feel like there was a perfect place for me in Vend Raleigh anymore and I thought we were missing a key group of wonderful Mompreneuers!  She listened! 

And now I’d like to introduce to you the Vend Raleigh Retailers Group!  

This is a new Closed Group on Facebook for Moms in the Raleigh area that have an online retail store (on a platform other than Etsy) and/or that have a Brick and Mortar store Join me there so that we have a place to ask the questions and share on the unique topics that apply to us, such as dealing with wholesalers, small business finance, advertising, customer retention, etc.

I’m so excited to lead this new group and I look forward to seeing you there!

We have Facebook Groups for Etsy Shop Owners, Professional Photographers, Direct Sales, Coaches and Consultants, and Bloggers, visit the About page for links to join!

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