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10 Quick and Dirty iPhone Photography Tips

Hanner Studios, Raleigh Family PhotographyThe best thing since sliced bread … the iPhoneology. Can I get an Amen for Apple? I’ve got three tiny kids and am always running around like a crazy lady. As a child and family photographer, I also love my Canon 7D camera. But …. there are times when bringing my 4th baby (my Canon) just won’t do. I am a little embarrassed to say how much I rely on my iPhone. The good news is; I have some quick and dirty tips to get the most out of your iPhone photography or family photos on the go. Shall we begin?

10. Don’t be afraid to change positions

Shoot from the ground, angle your camera, get on a chair and shoot towards your subject. Stick your camera out the car door, above a crowd or up close and personal.

9. Do your selfies right

I hate to say it but I am not a fan of the selfie. Especially when people use the reverse camera. If you must have a personal update, skill yourself using the main camera. You’ll thank me later.

8. Less Mess  

Keep the main subject, as just that, the main subject. Include some background effects like a bright blue sky or sunset but all the unnecessary objects in the background can distract from the main subject.

7. Grubby fingerprints be gone!

Phones are now, literally, stuck to our hips. Purses, sticky fingers, diaper bags … are not doing your iPhone photography any favors. Wipe that baby clean every chance you have.

6. Get your move on

Instead of zooming in with your camera, move your body closer to your subject. Otherwise, I guarantee grainy images or what I call a “hot mess.”

5. The more the merrier

Just because you can, take multiple shots of the same thing. The beauty of the digital image is that you don’t have to click and hope you got it as we once did with the film camera. Take a few and pick out the best. Just don’t miss the shot!

4. Get your lean on

If you have something that you can rest your arms on while taking the shot, use it. It will keep the jitters, blurriness and again, “hot mess” at bay.

3. Keep it simple

There are tons of filters out there. Believe me, the longer I am in photography, the less filters and edits I do. Try to get the best shot you can first and slightly enhance.

2. Light

Light is the most important part of photography. Shoot during the day, dusk and at night. See what your camera can do. Keep the light on your subject and your focus on the highlighted areas.

1. Keep it steady Ladies

You have to hold on with two hands. Camera shake and one-handed shots aren’t going to cut it. If your camera is-a-giggling so is your image. Pretend you’re using a regular camera. Point, focus, steady and click!


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