Your 2014 Go-To Raleigh Fall Family Photo Guide

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It’s that time again! We’re heading into the fall season. School started, you’re back to work and kids activities are in full swing. Back and forth on the road you go and to-do lists just got longer. Well, I’m here to make booking your fall family photography session as easy as pumpkin pie.

#1  |  What style of photography do you like?

Do you like candid family photos that are natural and emotive? Or, do you prefer a more traditional approach? There are a lot of photographers in the area. Make sure to choose one that fits your family’s style and personalities. Also, what do you want hanging on your walls? Look through their portfolio. Did they capture pure joy? Before you look at the costs, choose your favorites based on imagery and how they capture their client’s personalities. You’ll love these images for years to come. It’s worth it! 

#2  |  What type of location are you looking for? 

As a photographer, I have my go-to spots. Why? Because they work great with little ones, kids can be kids and families can relax. What are my favorites? I’m glad you asked! 

NorthCaryPark - Hanner StudiosNorth Cary Park 

Talk about beautiful colors! Wooden bridges, trails, open fields of leaves to play in and the best sunset shots ever. Let the kids throw up the leaves and run off some steam here. Good behavior can be rewarded at the playground too! 




Pullen Park - Hanner StudiosPullen Park 

This location has been around for years for a reason! With old fashioned arched bridges perfect for the entire family, wrought iron fences, huge oak trees and hilly green lawns. The kids will love the train, carousel and play area. For an active and fun family, this is your go-to spot. 




Oak View Park - Hanner StudiosHistoric Oak View County Park 

If you love all things country, then Oak View is a great park. This old pecan and cotton plantation has a ton of rustic fun. There are white barns, stone steps, a plantation home and white picket fences surrounding the property. One of my favorite locations, because it is convenient from area around the Triangle and fits any type of session. 



Arboretum - Hanner StudiosJC Raulston Arboretum  

Capture the fall foliage and flowers at this botanical location! If you love romantic and manicured gardens, this is a great spot to take your family photo op. With Japanese and rose gardens around the property, there is a little something for everyone. Add a little gazebo and a large green lawn, and the kids will love looking all around. 



Downtown Raliegh - Hanner StudiosDowntown Raleigh 

So much fun! Switch things up a little and opt for an urban location for your fall family photos this year. Downtown Raleigh has historic buildings, rustic brick walls and windows throughout the warehouse district. If you’ve done parks and backyards before, try this option out. I can tell you that I have my secrets here! 



Downtown Durham - Hanner StudiosAmerican Tobacco Campus  

If you live a little closer to Durham, take the little ones to the renovated American Tobacco Campus for your fall family photos. The campus has an amazing brick structure with a little pond and waterfalls flowing through the middle. There are many old doors and entryways that are perfect backgrounds to set the family in front of. 



HannerPhotographyStudios - RaleighFamilyPhotographerMordecai Historic Park  

Love this historic location. It is a nostalgic property full of small buildings and is even marked a historical landmark in Raleigh. Fun porches and benches throughout the park make for a fun fall family photos spot. 




Sugg Family Farm 

I have to be honest, I haven’t been to this location before but I’ve heard it is GREAT! A little something for everyone, including old houses, barns, tall grasses and fences. If you love a romantic and rustic look to your photographs then this spot is sure to please all. 

Wake Med Soccer Park 

You wouldn’t think of this spot for your fall family photography, but that’s part of a photographers job! With a little pond, wispy trees and well-kept lawns, this is a relaxing setting for new families or tiny tots to get around without too much distraction. 

#3  |  When do I book my fall family photography session? 

Trust me. Book EARLY. The last thing you want is a last minute rush to find a photographer to fit you in! If you book in the month of September, you’ll have your weekend pick and have plenty of time to figure out what to wear {I’ll help with that in just a minute}. Weekends book first and most photographers have sessions scheduled already, so you know what to do! 

#4  |  What do I wear? 

We’ve all been there … the last minute panic for the family photo session. Your really want everyone to look their best but anxiety or stress is taking you elsewhere. Well, you’re in good hands. I’ve created a blog post on just that! Read my “Top 10 What to Wear and What NOT to Wear” post. Examples included! 

#5 |  Relax! 

If you hire a good photographer, there is no need to stress. It will be worth every penny! I may be partial but nothing is more important than lasting memories of your family. The images you put on your walls will remind you of memorable times every time you walk past. Things come and go. Time flies by even quicker. Capture life how it is right now, not when you can find the time. 

Moms, don’t wait for when you’ve lost a few pounds. You are beautiful just how you are. Dads, get in there and make your kids laugh! Be silly and make the session even sillier. You’ll cherish these images when you’re sixty and can show your grandkids just how their parents were at that age. Now, that’s priceless.


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