10 Super Easy Tips for Growing Your Business on Twitter

You’ve launched your Twitter channel for growing your business…now what? Get creative! In this follow up blog post to getting started on Twitter, I’m going to list some Twitter basics to help you think about how you could use Twitter for a valuable marketing channel for growing your business.

Let’s start conjuring the creative juices by considering the Kogi Korean BBQ food truck– a staple of the Los Angeles area, delivering BBQ to different areas of the city daily. Owner Mark Manguera tweets the truck’s locations and times throughout the day, letting hungry customers know where to get their fix. Kogi now serves about 800 people per stop and have 22,000 Twitter followers! Twitter address: KogiBBQ*

1. Gain followers by engaging in the social network. Following, tweeting, engaging in trends, searching on hashtags, participating in follow Friday #ff, and participating in Twitter chats will all gain you new followers.

2. Link your Twitter to Facebook.  Your business Facebook page can be linked to your Twitter account and you’ll tweet automatically when you post to Facebook. Don’t expect any crossover though, people on Twitter don’t love Facebook. Keep posts short so your content is not cut off in the small amount of text available on Twitter.

3. Place share links on your web sites. Check out Addthis.com to create your own Twitter links to your web site or email newsletters. This is how your visitors tweet your web site content to their followers when they discover something worth sharing on your web site or blog.

4. Tweet links to your web site, and tweet your pins on Pinterest and your blog posts. If you need to shorten your links, Google bit.ly or other link shortening services.

5. Create shorter than 140 character tweets, so followers can retweet you or comment without cutting off your content.

6. Retweet others and they will retweet you.

7. Checkout Tweet schedulers like Hootsuite which will allow you to schedule tweets days, weeks and months in advance.  Don’t leave your Twitter unattended though, you need to check in and respond.

8. Hashtag your brand. Use your business name or product following a hashtag “#” consistently to build your brand. Balance your tweets between sales oriented information, engagement, events and information.

9. Develop your twitter profile with links to your web sites, and get creative on your Twitter avatar and profile description.

10. Place your Twitter user name in your email signature, on your business cards, on your web site, on your blog, and any other business correspondence like you would your email address.

Tweet me at @carolinaclover and let me know if these tips are working for you!

*Kogi twitter facts from Webrulon.com

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  1. Love the tips Dawn. I thought my twitter and Fb were linked, but my FB posts do not show in twitter….I will keep working on that one!

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