Free Publicity- I’m an expert on __________. You fill in the blank!

As a Mompreneur you are a “Jane of all trades.” Knowing and meeting so many of the moms in the Vend Raleigh community, I see talent in all areas. You are a mom, wife, chauffer, entrepreneur, dual business owner, manager, marketer, advertiser, financial expert, counselor, chef just to name a few of the things that you do as a Super Mom!

Your gift or talent has led you to your passion in creating your own business. So you have a business that you love, but now what? Who knows about it? Sometimes we don’t realize that there is FREE publicity out there. YES, free publicity not only helps share your expertise, but it can build your SEO also known as search engine optimization, be a part of your content marketing strategy, and help someone with the solution to their problem that they are experiencing.

When you sign up for HARO, you learn about reporters needs every day. By reading the queries you’ll see that you can respond as an expert to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Some of the queries are opinions, some are professional, and some are area specific. What do you have to lose by sharing your information with a reporter who is looking for something for your target market?

I have submitted multiple queries and was featured in the Breezy Mama blog- Getting kids to entertain themselves and Parenting – Teaching kids to learn from failure. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jeremy Greenburg on a sleep piece featured on MSN Living, Why a good ritual is no sacrifice? When you help a reporter out, you have the opportunity to build your in the media page to help build your credibility as well as share value with your audience.

Here’s what you can expect from the HARO emails:

• HARO emails arrive in your inbox 3 times a day, Monday thru Friday
• In the intro you will learn about new business services that could help your home business and make things easier.
• Choose from an index of categories on various topics
• View the titles of articles or shows that need your advice. **As a side note, I’ve found from the topics listed as motivation and inspiration for future blog posts as well.
• Respond to a query with the information that is being asked
• Wait to hear back to see if your piece was selected- don’t be discouraged if yours wasn’t selected- keep writing to get your content out there.

To learn more and see what the HARO email really looks like, watch this video.

It’s important to know that as a Mompreneurs you are an expert in so many areas and the world needs to learn about what you have to say and offer. Sign up for HARO and explore the free publicity possibilities. What will you be sharing with an upcoming HARO reporter?

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