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I’ve been thinking about all the money we’ve spent this week on gifts and personal splurges. How many $20 socks, scarves, journals, ornaments, coffee mugs have we bought for others and ourselves in the spirit of holiday giving (or shopping)? Now, I want you to think about how much money you’ve invested in yourself as a business owner this year. This year. The total? Consider the investment of time and money.

For the first time ever and only through the weekend, I’m offering 3 classes for $20 each. A rate lower than even the Vend Raleigh Directory members will get after this presale. I want you to begin to intentionally schedule Vend Raleigh events as part of your business development and we’ll start at a rate that would be impossible for you to turn down.


We are here to grow a community of strong business partners.

Because I am excited about your business and I want to encourage you to step out and practice investing in yourself.

Three classes. 150 seats. $20 each. No code needed. Promo ends Sunday.

Content CalendarJanuary 20th: Lori Aveni, CPA will be taking all your many questions about small business taxes before you submit your 2015 taxes! (Regular class price $30.)

January 27th: Melissa Culbertson of Blog Clairty is coming to Vend Raleigh to talk about Periscope for business. What a treat! Do not miss this! (Regular class price $34.)

March 9th: My Content Class is BACK! You all raved about what a content rich class this was and I am eager to offer it again for anyone that couldn’t make it. (Regular class price $30.)
I hope you see the value in all of these workshops and take advantage of the discount this week! Don’t wait, grab one or three seats!

*Class fees are nonrefundable. Events are professional events, please find child care.



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