A game plan for creating winning Pinterest pins. The do's and don't of Pinterest plus learn about the place for Raleigh Mompreneurs- Vend Raleigh.

Winning at Pinning

Everyone likes to win, and when it comes to using Pinterest for your business, you need a game plan. A strategy for creating beautiful pins that will entice consumers to click your pin. It could be a like, a pin, a comment or click that will lead people to your website to read your blog or purchase a product. Whatever your goal result, you need to follow these rules to win at pinning.

Pinterest How To Small Business


Pinning Plays:

Pinterest suggests that each Pin have a goal and be either Helpful, Actionable or Beautiful.


  • Use descriptive details in the text section. Use the allotted 500 characters. More words allow for more searchable opportunities.
  • Create pins in a vertical orientation. 2:3 to 1:3:5 and a minimum width of 600 px
  • Limit text in pins, use clear overlays.
  • Use similar colors to represent your brand and create a theme that consumers can easily identify.

Cheaters never prosper at pinning, so be sure to stay away from these infractions.


  • Use hashtags
  • Use more than 4 images per pin
  • Add borders
  • Use time sensitive information
  • Talking too much about the brand
  • Use promotions like Price, Discounts, Click Here or Call Now in the description

Creating pins take practice. If you’re not a graphic designer, try using online software like Canva or PicMonkey to help you. These sites offer Pinterest templates that will give you ideas and help you get started.

Winning at Pinterest goes beyond creating pins and boards. It’s also about growing your following and connecting with a community of Pinners (Vend Raleigh, Friends, Bloggers and Pinners with similar interests).

  • Follow other boards
  • Like Pins
  • Comment on Pins
  • Pin other pins on your boards
  • Create a board that allows multiple pinners to pin a similar interest


You have a plan and you’re ready to win this game. How about joining a team?  Vend Raleigh wants you to be apart of our amazing team of mompreneurs. Vend Raleigh offers education, connection and collaboration for the small business mom. When you become a Vend Raleigh Directory Members, you have access to pin your posts on the Vend Raleigh New Media Board. Click here to join this board.

Happy Pinning!


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